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									Benefits of Using Java
Java is a computer programming language that is widely used around the world. If you aren’t using Java
for the bulk of your programming, you probably should be. While there are many different programming
languages to choose from, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, many experts
suggest that Java offers the best combination of benefits and has the least weaknesses of any
programming language available. The following are just a few of the most important reasons why you
should make the switch to Java.

Ease of Use
Java is a well-developed and robust language. Programmers love
to code in Java because it is clean and easy to write with very few
bugs. The APIs are intuitive and well designed, which can save
countless hours for complicated projects. Java has consistently
proven to be among the most efficient of programming
languages. Projects that may take months or years in other
languages, can be completed in as little as half the time once
your programmers gain experience working with Java.

Single Language Programming
Java can be used across platforms. Whereas with other languages it may be necessary to write multiple
versions of code or to write your software in more than one language, native support for Java is
integrated into almost all operating systems. It’s supported by web browsers like Chrome and Internet
Explorer, and is compatible with both iOS and Android, or even Windows Phone. Compatibility is also
built in to every version of windows released in the last decade and works on the OS X operating
platform. That means with Java, you only have to write it once and you can use it everywhere. This
versatility and utility on multiple platforms makes using Java a no-brainer.

Network Friendly
Java was designed with networking and the internet in mind. It has the necessary protocols built in that
allow programs to communicate across networks and platforms without supplementary code. Java can
even be used to write network-based, native code. If you need a programming language that makes it
easy for your computers to communicate across networks, Java is the solution.

In today's world of cyber crime, having secure code can be
worth million and millions of dollars, both in direct and
indirect costs. With the right training, Oracle users in
Kuwait and anywhere else in the world can learn how to
effectively manage and write secure code for use in almost
any application. Whether you are writing simple code for
basic web traffic, or if you are writing code to assist in complicated financial transactions, the safety and
security provided by the Java platform can mitigate any concerns you might have. Java’s internal
engineers are constantly checking the code for vulnerabilities and patching holes as they are discovered.
No team is more dedicated to the security of their code.

Java can be scaled to applications of almost any size. Whether you are writing code for simple personal
use, or for a brand new operating system, Java can handle the task with grace and ease.

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