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Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN), Detention Program and Children’s
Program. or (303) 433-2812
The Children’s Program provides free consultations, direct representation, and technical & litigation
support for undocumented children and their service providers. The Children’s Program also conducts
“Know Your Rights” presentations and individual intakes for children in removal proceedings
appearing on the Children’s Docket at the Downtown Immigration Court on the second Thursday of
each month. The Detention Program provides “Know Your Rights” presentations and individual
orientations for detained adults in removal proceedings in Aurora, Colorado, as well as pro bono
representation for qualifying individuals.

National Immigration Law Center (NILC).
Leading national experts in public (federal, state, and local) benefits eligibility for noncitizens.

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC).
Extensive free online resources, including the “Immigration Benchbook for Juvenile and Family Law
Courts” on immigration issues arising in juvenile courts.

National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild.
National experts on the intersection of criminal and immigration law, including the effect of juvenile
adjudications on immigration status and removal.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
Official government website containing immigration applications and instructions, case tracking,
guidance memorandums, as well as immigration statutes and regulations.
Local Office is located at:
12484 E. Weaver Place
Centennial, CO 80111

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE).
Official government website outlining the mission and initiatives of ICE, the investigative arm of the
Department of Homeland Security.
Local Office is located at:
12445 E. Caley Avenue
Centennial, CO 80111
At this location, individuals can pay bonds for detained relatives and friends.
The Point of Contact for Parental Rights for ICE, Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO):
Officer Hank Qualantone
Officer Arturo Mendoza
**Please contact Katie Glynn at RMIAN for updates on how to communicate with these Officers.**

GEO/ICE Detention Facility
3130 N. Oakland Street
Aurora, CO 80010
(303) 361-6612
Call for updates on visiting hours, money deposits, etc.

To locate an individual you believe may be detained by ICE, search the ICE Detainee Locator:

If you are a professional (i.e., guardian ad litem, parent respondent counsel, State/county case worker
or employee), you can request to be cleared for a professional visit. Email Amelia Sanchez your name,
date of birth, SSN, title/position with the State or county, and information on who you would like to
visit (including Alien Registration Number, date of birth, full name).
Contact: Amelia Sanchez,, (720) 875-2040

Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).
Official government website for the Immigration Courts and Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
containing all precedential case decisions from the BIA.
Local Denver Immigration Courts are located at:
(detained docket)
3130 N. Oakland Street
Aurora, CO 80010
(303) 361-0488

(non-detained docket)
1961 Stout Street
Denver, CO 80294
(303) 844-5815

EOIR Automated Hotline: 1-800-898-7180 (by entering a person’s “A” number, you can find the next
hearing date and case status information)

Mexican Consulate in Denver, CO.
5350 Leetsdale Drive, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80246, (303) 331-1110 or email:
Contact: Javier Maupome or Rafael Rico

Guatemalan Consulate in Denver, CO.
1001 S. Monaco Parkway, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80224, (303) 629-9210 or email:
Contact: Estuardo Roldán or Karla Mendizabal

El Salvadoran Consulate in Las Vegas, NV.
765 North Nellis Blvd., Suite C-5, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110, (702) 437-5337 or (702) 437-5339 or
Contact: Juan Salamanca

Honduran Embassy in Phoenix, AZ.
4040 East McDowell Road, Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85008, (602) 273-0173 or (602) 273-0174 or


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