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									A Peace of Mind Landscape is your landscape contractor & lawn care specialist of choice. They have a
lifetime's worth of experience in the landscaping and lawn care industry. They are confident in their
skills, knowledge and accumulated experiences in the area of landscaping thus allowing them to ensure
all their clients an outstanding and guaranteed job on their respective properties.

What allows Peace of Mind Landscape to ensure their clients an outstanding job each and every time is
the fact that they are a family-owned and family-managed business. With a family in landscaping as
early as the 1970s, it definitely follows that the owner, David Llanes, has a lifetime of experience in the
landscaping and lawn care industry. They know the ins and outs of the industry, and with that, they
know what the best practices are and those that are not. From keeping trash out, to operating lawn care
and landscaping equipment, to crew foreman, and how to manage the business. Thanks to the lifetime
worth of experience of DavideLlanes, he now has a crew that has the extensive know-how in lawn care
and landscaping.

With a Peace of Mind's landscape significant number of years in the industry, they are able to guarantee
the following in each of their projects:

       An improved and beautified property
       Repair and revitalization of damaged and neglected grounds
       An increased property value given by the newly improved curb appeal
       A service that uses current instruments and know-how thus making your investment for your
        outdoor space count a lot more than what you have currently invested in

Furthermore, by your outdoor property to Peace of Mind Landscape, you can select from any of their
offered and guaranteed services:

       Residential AND commercial landscape
       Maintenance weekly, monthly, or annually
       1X Cleanups
       Maintenance Programs
       Mowing
       Edging
       Pruning
       Lawn Fertilization
      Bark Dusting
      Insect, Disease, and Weed Control
      Power Washing
      Pressure Washing

With a Peace of Mind Landscape, you can also easily coordinate with them a monthly, weekly, or one-
time schedule to assure you that all of your maintenance requirements gets done on time and properly.

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