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					                        Vice President for International Affairs
                                   Brown University

Brown University invites nominations and applications for the new position of Vice
President for International Affairs. The Vice President for International Affairs will
provide leadership in shaping and carrying out the University’s ambitious international
agenda. Brown is launching a significant effort to broaden its international profile and
expand its commitment to international activities both on and off campus. The goals of
this effort include: preparing Brown students for lives and careers that will increasingly
require knowledge of the world’s cultures and of processes of globalization; ensuring that
the University is effectively competing on an international stage for the best students and
faculty and for resources in support of research and teaching; and equipping the
institution to contribute in major ways to the solution of significant global problems.

The Vice President for International Affairs, reporting to the Provost, will help guide the
University in meeting these goals. The Vice President for International Affairs will
provide leadership for the University in two primary spheres. On campus, s/he will help
ensure greater institutional coherence for the University’s programs of research and
instruction in international subject areas, and will work with the President, Provost, other
senior administrators, and faculty to develop new initiatives and strengthen existing ones.
Externally, s/he will represent Brown to international constituencies (governments,
academic and research institutions, NGOs, corporations, and key private individuals) in
order to explore and negotiate partnerships and collaborations and identify new sources
of funding, thus enhancing and broadening the undergraduate and graduate experience
and raising the University’s profile.

Qualifications and Experience

The following are especially desirable:

       Wide knowledge of and experience in addressing global issues
       International recognition for achievement in scholarship, public service,
       diplomacy, or related fields
       Familiarity with a university environment and ability to work well with faculty in
       developing international initiatives
       International experience beyond academia in the private sector, diplomacy, or
       government service
       A record of accomplishment in shaping international collaborations and
       negotiating inter-institutional partnerships among academic, government, and
       non-governmental entities
       Strong leadership skills, and the ability to develop a shared vision among multiple
       Ability to develop and execute complex organizational strategies
       Significant experience living and working in other areas of the world
       Knowledge of at least one language other than English
       Highly collaborative, adaptive, and entrepreneurial style
While Brown is considering a wide range of profiles, a PhD or equivalent professional
degree is preferred. Brown has retained the services of Auerbach Associates to assist with
the search. Please submit a CV, cover letter, and three references to:

                           Judith Auerbach and Kit Nichols
                              Auerbach Associates, Inc.
                             65 Franklin Street, Suite 400
                                  Boston, MA 02155

                            Electronic submissions preferred

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