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					                                    [VICE PRINCIPAL, HOLY FAMILY ACADEMY
                          Job Title 3-9-14]

Job Description: Reporting to the Principal of Holy Family Academy as part of the Sacred Heart and Holy
Rosary Church Parishes, the Vice-Principal will have responsibility in assisting the Principal with
administration of both school campuses. The Vice-Principal is responsible for supporting the school’s mission
in providing a solid academic foundation within the Catholic community, while promoting self-esteem and
respect for others in the students and faculty alike. Along with all faculty and the Principal, the Vice-Principal
will endeavor to assist our student body for future success by helping them grow spiritually, intellectually, and
emotionally. The Vice-Principal will demonstrate a full understanding of the Catholic faith and reflect deep
commitment to the development of the faithful to include teachers, staff, parents, and students. Being cognizant
of church guidelines related to a Catholic education, the Vice-Principal will collaborate closely with the
Principal, parents and students, and various committee members to achieve the Academy’s mission. The Vice-
Principal is expected to engage the faculty and staff in refining the curriculum, enhancing their professional
development, and requiring a high standard of excellence, while adhering to the National Standards and
Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools as well as the Massachusetts Common
Core. The Vice-Principal shall assist in ensuring that the School delivers high quality academic programs and
services by implementing and assessing strategies for both academic programs and staff development that
support the school’s educational philosophy, vision, mission, and practice.

Primary Duties:
   Assist the principal in the planning, organization, administration and management of the Academy
   Conduct routine observations; provide feedback, and faculty evaluations, as determined by Principal; to include holding regular
    sessions with each teacher to help develop and implement curriculum, classroom management, and implement differentiated
   Provide leadership support to the Religious education program;
   Serve as key liaison with parents and other resources as it relates to student behavior plans and support services;
   Provide additional leadership support in the operation of both campuses to include serving as back-up to Principal when
   Work closely with the Principal and administrative support team and oversee the master schedule and all special programs;
    maintain and adjust schedules for all faculty as it relates to after school programs, field trips, and other supervisory duties.
   Additional duties, as assigned by the Principal.

Primary Qualifications:
   Practicing Catholic who demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith
   Minimum of five(5) years teaching in the classroom
   Minimum of two (2) years as administrator or in a school leadership role;

       Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited College/University in related field
       Ability to obtain state board certification as determined by Pastor
       Evidence of Adult Faith Formation

Desired Qualifications:
       Demonstrated ability to apply the church teachings, mission, and values in the school environment
       Proven capable of developing and implementing an effective advanced curriculum program for elementary and
        middle school students;
       Results oriented through goal-setting, metrics focused, and systematic thinking related to school operations and
        academic programs
       Passionate commitment to the vision of the Catholic School
       Commitment to social justice, capable of patience and flexibility when addressing challenges and obstacles
       Appreciation of life-long learning, personal relationships, and servant leadership

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