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					Love Means More / Fibre Cement Board
“I’ve built my world around you & I want you to know, I need you like I’ve never needed
anyone before. I live my life for you…” — Firehouse (1995)

You couldn’t have escaped the overdose of love songs that filled the air over the weekend — in
malls, stores, cabs, autos, cafes, restaurants… everywhere! Love is often thought of as a youthful
emotion, but it actually is an emotion that takes many shapes & forms.

Visaka loves. Visaka loves revolutionising construction. This is what got us started on a venture
in 1981, but what makes us get better at what we do is our love for our customers.

When we develop our products, we innovate keeping our customers’ needs top-of-mind. Early in
our journey, a big need in the construction industry was that of an alternative to plywood for
interior applications. Customers needed a product that was: water resistant –no water-staining, no
swelling, no peeling layers, no seepage fire resistant –for peace of mind that their loved ones and
belongings will be safe in the event of a fire termite resistant –no hollow cabinet walls, no
damaged clothes or documents

The answer to this problem came in the form of our fiber cement board — Vboard. We give our
customers the protection they need from water, fire & termites, with the added benefits of sound
insulation, easy workability & cost-saving. Our love went the extra mile by creating a variety of
textures and finishes for Vboard, so that our customers have the option to customise the look &
feel of their living space.

Customers were looking for options to give the exteriors of their living spaces a modern look.
This gave birth to another fiber cement solution — Vplank. This product withstands continuous
exposure to moisture while giving the structure a wood-like finish; another answer to our
customers’ need, because we love.

Customers also needed an alternative to masonry walls; something that could reduce construction
time. Along came Vpanel — the perfect material to build dry walls, save time, labour & money.
Love challenged us to push the limits of technology & design so that we could produce panels
that are as thin as 50mm while retaining the strength of masonry walls!

Our products show you what our love means. Visaka loves. Visaka loves its customers &
meeting their needs.

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