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									Penny Auction Secrets - What They Are & How to Win

Penny auctions are more intense versions of websites like eBay. People bid on items, but you pay for
bids, and bids raise the item price just 1 penny.

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#1 Buying Bids

Honestly, the price of bids varies from site to site-just as site quality does, too. I've seen some sites with
nothing exciting to win go down to sixty cents while other sites try and charge you all the way up to a
whole dollar-believe me, that definitely adds up after a while. Remember to go to the value sites. They
keep an even road of top of the line products and exciting.

#2 Price Increment

Growing up in a small town where folks help each other, I've actually become adept at online penny
auctions and really know my way around the major sites. I'm a seasoned bidder, but I never forget my
small town roots, and am definitely happy to share my success secrets with others. I love to win, so you
can imagine my annoyance in the thrill of the moment when the clocks start counting down all over the
screen and you have to not only keep track of other bidders, but also which auction charges what for
each bid! Can you imagine, a one cent auction over here, a 10 cent one over there, one for 15 cents over
there? The goal is definitely to save time, not waste it. I like to use the site that has 1 penny increments
for most or all of their auction items.

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#3 How the Clock Works

The time settings vary from site to site, but the clock usually goes up some seconds after a bid is placed.
Stay away from sites that put up to 30 seconds or more on the clock every time someone bids. For one,
that is boring and takes a long time when many, many people are bidding. Also, it's pointless because
the best way to win is being the unexpected person to bid at the last possible moment.
#4 The Risk-Free, Buy-it-Now Option

Some sites have a Buy-it-Now option. You can buy the product even if you don't win the auction. reviews

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