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					 travel (uncountable noun: you do not say 'a travel') and travelling are used to mean the
    general activity of moving from place to place (the activity of travelling)
• Air travel is becoming cheaper.
• Her work involves a lot of travelling.
• The new job involves a fair amount of travel.
means of travel (= transport, the type of vehicle you use)
• We went by bus - the cheapest means of travel.
- rail / air / space travel
• Rail travel in Britain seems to be getting more and more unreliable.
Travels [plural] journeys to places that are far away, usually for pleasure
• We met some very interesting people on our travels in Thailand.

 journey: the act of travelling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle
• a long and difficult journey (NOT travel) through the mountains
• I read during the train journey to work.
• Did you have a good journey? (=Were you comfortable, was the train on time …)

 trip: a short journey, or a journey you do not usually make, and come back again.
     Use this when the emphasis is on where you are going or why you are going there
• my first trip to the States
• a business trip / school trip / one-day trip
• Was it a good trip? (=Did you achieve what you wanted to or have a good time there?)
• I was moved by the story of Asa Singleton's trip around the world

 excursion: a short journey arranged so that a group of people can visit a place,
    especially while they are on holiday
Included in the tour is an excursion to the Grand Canyon.

 voyage: a long journey, especially by sea or in space
an around-the-world voyage
a voyage in space
The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage (= first journey).
(FIGURATIVE) Going to college can be a voyage of self-discovery.
Darwin's epic voyage of exploration

 cruise: a journey by sea, visiting different places, especially as a holiday / vacation I'd
  love to go on a round-the-world cruise.

 crossing: a journey across something such as a sea, from one side to the other
• a three-hour ferry crossing || • a rough crossing from Dover to Calais
• the first Atlantic crossing || • The crossing takes 90 minutes.

 flight is used for a journey by air
• Have a good flight!

 hike: a long walk, especially in the countryside
have / take (BE) a holiday / (NAE) a vacation / a break / a day off / (BE) a gap year / a cruise
go on / be on holiday / vacation / leave (congedo, permesso) / honeymoon / (a) safari / a trip / a
tour / a package holiday (tour) / a cruise / a pilgrimage
make / take / have / go on / set out on a voyage / a journey / a trip / a tour / an excursion
take a plane, a ship, a flight
go backpacking (fare escursioni con lo zaino; fare trekking) / camping / hitchhiking / sightseeing
plan a trip / a holiday / a vacation / your itinerary
book accommodation / a hotel room / a flight / tickets
have / make / cancel a reservation / (especially BE) booking
rent a villa / a holiday home / a holiday cottage
hire / (especially NAE) rent a car / bicycle / moped
stay in a hotel / a bed and breakfast / a youth hostel / a villa / a holiday home / a caravan /
camper (van) / holiday farm
cost / charge $100 a / per night for a single / double / twin / (BE) en suite room
check into / out of a hotel / a motel / your room
pack / unpack your suitcase / bags
call / order room service
cancel / cut short (interrompere) a trip / holiday / vacation

Foreign travel
apply for / get / renew a / your passport
take out (sottoscrivere) / buy / get travel insurance
catch / miss your plane / train / ferry / connecting flight
fly (in) / travel in business / economy class
make / have a brief / two-day / twelve-hour stopover (sosta, fermata) / layover (spec. NAE)
(sosta, tappa durante un viaggio, spec. in aereo) in Hong Kong
experience / cause / lead to delays (ritardi)
check (in) / collect / get / lose (your) luggage / baggage
be charged for / pay excess baggage
board / get on / leave / get off the aircraft / the plane / the ship / the ferry
experience / hit / encounter severe turbulence
suffer from / recover from / get over your jet lag / travel sickness

The tourist industry
attract / draw / bring tourists / visitors
encourage / promote / hurt (danneggiare, nuocere) tourism
promote / develop ecotourism
visit a tourist / holiday / seaside / beach / ski / health resort / spa
work for a major hotel chain
compete with low-cost / low-fare / budget airlines
book something through / make a booking through a travel agent
contact / check with your travel agent / tour operator
buy / bring back (tacky (di cattivo gusto) / overpriced) souvenirs
(expressing likes / dislikes) mass / package / educational / cultural / archaeological / religious /
ecological / eco-friendly / environmental / nature-based / green / alternative / farm / exotic /
culinary tourism
General travel expressions
I go by plane = I fly
I go by car = I drive
I go by ship = I sail
I go by bicycle / bike / motorcycle / motorbike = I ride
I go on horse = I ride
I go on foot = I walk
To commute is to make the same journey regularly between work and home.
It's exhausting commuting from Brighton to London every day.

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