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                     RTNERSHIPS, U.S.

Prepared by:                          ms
                              Fran Helm
                              Greg Sedllock
                              Kate Ashfo

Assignment:                           2

Date:                         May 2014

Confidential: This document and the inform                                                                   ed
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                                                                                   Twitter, Inc.
                                                                                    May 2014
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Company Description

                                  ublic self-expression and conversation in real tim By
Twitter is a global platform for pu                                                me.
                                 w                                                  er
developing a fundamentally new way for people to create, distribute and discove content,
Twitter has democratized conten creation and distribution, enabling any voice to echo
around the world instantly and unfiltered. The Twitter platform is unique in its simplicity:
Tweets are limited to 140 charac                                                   a
                                  cters of text. This constraint makes it easy for anyone to
quickly create, distribute and discover content that is consistent across the platfform and
optimized for mobile devices. As a result, Tweets drive a high velocity of inform mation
exchange that makes Twitter uniquely “live.”

Twitter aims to become an indisp pensable daily companion to live human experie    ences.
People are at the heart of Twitter, and people come to Twitter for many reasons including
the breadth and broad reach of c                                                   nt
                                 content. Twitter has already achieved significan global
scale and continues to grow. To                                                   m
                                 oday, the company has more than 255 million monthly
active users (MAUs) spanning ne                                                   p
                                  early every country. Users include millions of people from
                                 uential individuals and organizations, such as world
around the world, as well as influ
                                elebrities, athletes, journalists, sports teams, me
leaders, government officials, ce                                                 edia outlets
and brands. Approximately 500 million Tweets are sent every day.

The Media Partnerships team is critical for Twitter's continued success as it is re
for guiding and managing the qu                                                  ws,
                               uality of Twitter’s content across TV, sports, new music
and government. Since 2009, Tw   witter has invested deeply in media and enterta ainment
                                ultimate complement to traditional media.
partnerships, seeking to be the u

                                orking in an entrepreneurial environment that wa recently
The ideal candidate will enjoy wo                                              as
voted the best technology compa to work for by Glassdoor.


In November 2013, Twitter comp                                                   uartered in
                             pleted its initial public offering. Twitter is headqu
                             offices across the world.
San Francisco, CA and has 25 o

Key Information (Fiscal 2013)

   •   Revenues:       $664.9 million (up 110 percent from 2012)
   •   Market Cap:               lion (as of May 9, 2014)
                       $18.27 bill
   •   NYSE:           TWTR
   •   Employees:      3,000 (50 percent are engineers)
   •   Website:
                                                       Twitter, Inc.
                                                        May 2014
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Twitter Usage

•   255 million monthly active ussers
•                                 per
    500 million Tweets are sent p day
•                                users are on mobile
    78 percent of Twitter active u
•   77 percent of accounts are o outside the U.S.
•   Twitter supports 35+ languag ges
•   Vine: more than 40 million Us sers
                                                                                  Twitter, Inc.
                                                                                   May 2014
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Position Summary

Twitter has fundamentally chang the way that TV companies connect with the       eir
audiences, and how viewers con  nsume TV. As changes to the traditional TV mo   odel
                                ridge for more engagement, effective content dis
accelerate, Twitter provides a br                                                scovery,
better measurement and richer s                                                 king with its
                                storytelling. Twitter is deeply committed to work
                                r                                                rs
TV partners to help them deliver more impact for their audiences and advertiser and
believes there is much more opp portunity for creative and impactful partnerships. As
Twitter grows and continues to e                                                 ocus for
                                evolve its product experience, TV will be a key fo
the company given the high pote                                                  ake
                                ential to drive user growth. The mission is to ma Twitter
essential to TV fans.

The Head of TV Partnerships is Twitter’s key liaison to the TV industry and has the
responsibility of shaping and drivving Twitter’s impact on the industry. This executive has
                                  st                                               ter,
the mandate to attract the highes volume of the best quality TV content to Twitt and is
tasked with making Twitter essential to the business of its TV partners. To achieve this,
this executive must build and ma aintain relationships at the highest executive levvels of
broadcast networks, cable progr  rammers, digital content companies, production
companies and live TV event pro   oducers. Success in the role will require deep
                                  egic command of the current and future state of the TV
relationships with partners, strate                                                f
industry, an industry-leading con                                                  grations,
                                 ntent strategy, scale in execution of Twitter integ
                                  s                                                f
heavy collaboration with Twitter’s product and revenue teams and leadership of the TV
team and management of their d   daily projects and partnership building efforts.

                                w                                           re
The position will be based in New York City (San Francisco and Los Angeles ar also

Key Relationships

Reports to:                    hloe Sladden, Vice President, North American Media
                              Ch                                            M

Direct reports:                 ed
                              Fre Graver, Director, TV Creative
                              Grace Lee, Partner Manager, TV
                              Liz Myers, Partner Manager, TV

Other key relationships:       hief
                              Ch Operating Officer
                              He of News Partnerships
                              He of Sports Partnerships
                              He of Music Partnerships
                              He of Government and Non-Profit Partnerships
                              He of Consumer Product
                              He of Sales Strategy
                              He of Amplify
                              He of Business Development
                                rector of Media Business Development
                                                                                 Twitter, Inc.
                                                                                  May 2014
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                                rector of Public Relations
                                rector of Marketing

Major Responsibilities

•                               y
    Develop a multi-year strategy that drives substantial increases in:
       o Volume and quality of on-air integrations across TV networks
       o Volume and quality of TV content on Twitter

•                                 ntegrations against a broad roster of programming, events
    Oversee all strategic on-air in
    and shows

•   Partnership management:
       o Embed Twitter at the highest executive levels of the TV industry, and able to
                                the                                            gramming,
           influence and shape t partners’ strategic planning efforts (e.g. prog
           marketing, digital)
       o Deepen and extract m   more value from Twitter's numerous creative and business
       o Increase the volume, diversity and uniqueness of the TV content on Twitter
           from talent and partne

•                               eative leader responsible for consistently inventing
    Creative leadership: be a cre
    effective and powerful new b                                                 reative
                                best practices that gain broad adoption; foster cr
    excellence across the team

•   Management:
      o Scale the TV team’s i                                                m
                              impact through operational efficiencies and by managing
         against the team’s meetrics
      o Drive key insights and research that help maximize the team’s efforts
                              d                                              s
      o Build a world-class te
                             eam and drive measurable and significant impro ovements in
         each individual team member's performance

•   Twitter product and strategy:
       o Influence Twitter prod  duct and corporate strategy via highly effective
                                 ategic planning that ensures the most important needs of
            relationships and stra
            TV partners are being met
       o Articulate a persuasiv vision for the potential of TV content within th Twitter
                                 ve                                               he
            user experience

•                             nd                                          versation
    Ensure Twitter messaging an marketing materials dominates industry conv
    and drives broad adoption

•   Drive usage of Twitter’s most trusted media ecosystem products throughout TV
                                                                                     Twitter, Inc.
                                                                                      May 2014
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Ideal Experience

•   15-plus years demonstrated career progression and strong performance as a senior
    leader in a digital content dev                                           p
                                  velopment or business development/partnership
    management role at a leadin TV-related media company.

•                                                                               or
    Proven track-record of being able to negotiate deals at senior levels of majo media
    companies; ideally, brings de relationships from across the television indu ustry; a
    persuader, problem-solver an thought partner.

•   Knowledge of mobile and Int                                                  ed
                                 ternet products and technologies; well-develope product
    sensibility and experience lea                                               y
                                  ading creative discussions regarding potentially
    innovative, unique and engag  ging content and product offerings.

•   Facile with measurement and analytics and positioning data to illustrate imp
                              d                                                pact.

•   Management of a 20-plus pe  erson team and track-record of collaboration andd
                                nable matrixed resources to deliver for the organ
    leveraging “soft power” to en                                               nization.

Critical Competencies for Success

Strategy Setting and External Pa    artnership Building: The Head of Television Par   rtnerships
will play a critical role in achievin Twitter’s goals of owning all live television and delayed
video conversations and driving audience monetization in a fast-paced, innovati and   ive
increasingly complex and compe      etitive marketplace. The new executive will need to create
and implement an executable an well understood strategy to improve and exte          end
existing partnerships and create new ones across the television landscape. Wit a      th
creative but also results-oriented mindset, he/she will do this by:

•   Building trusted relationships both individually and through the team, with th most
                                  s,                                             he
                                  vision executives at multiple levels.
    important and influential telev

•                                 s                                                  egic
    Invest in partner relationships by bringing a high level of client service, strate
    insight, creative firepower an analytical approach to improving their busines    ss.

•   Developing and implementing best practices, and packaging and marketing those best
    practices for repeated use.

Communication and Internal Col   llaboration: Twitter’s Head of Television Partnerships will
operate in a highly matrixed structure that places significant emphasis on comm  munication,
influencing and collaboration skills and the ability to work as a team player, putting the
                                                                                    Twitter, Inc.
                                                                                     May 2014
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                                  e                                                ct
organization first. The executive will need to quickly build credibility and respec and
strong relationships internally in order to drive and execute Twitter’s television strategy.
With exceptional interpersonal sk                                                 w
                                   kills, executive presence and humility, he/she will do this

•                               vesting in impactful, cross-company relationship based
    Developing, nurturing and inv                                                ps
    on mutual trust, cooperation and respect, particularly with the global product and
    revenue teams, peers in othe media verticals and other shared resources.

•                                c,
    Creating an open, pragmatic collaborative approach to decision making bas on   sed
                                 aging his/her expertise to help others, and by
    listening, learning and levera
    demonstrating personal owne   ership of tasks by following through to obtain the desired

•   Organizing, editing and prioritizing issues and projects, gaining consensus and buy-in
    to business ideas, fostering a sense of urgency, and finding ways to build win-win

•                               er
    Serving as an inspiring leade by example and executing excellent leadership and
    management skills.

Other Personal Characteristics

•   Humble, team-oriented, focused on positioning the company, first and forem
                                                                             most, for

•                                very important in this role, the right candidate ha a
    While industry reputation is v                                                 as
                                 erve Twitter best and will be not be distracted by the
    rigorous focus on what will se
                                personal limelight.
    increased opportunities for p

•   Compelling, persuasive personality who can drive impressive results without having
    direct command of the room or project.

•   Excellent corporate and pers                                              scope
                               sonal judgment given the significant team micros
    Twitter has to operate under.

•   Truth seeker who is masterfu at direct communication.

•   Ability to bring a sense of humor and levity to an intense environment.

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