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Different Patterns of Asphalt Drum Majors
Dynamic hand

The dynamics of the labor reserves for the truly important or decrescendos performance
crescendos. Two strokes before the fall dynamics of the left hand. The dynamic brand, cups your left
hand, thumb in, and raise or lower it by holding your thumb on top of the hand. The intention is not
to show the palm, instead of directing the movement either thumb (crescendo) or little finger
(decrescendo). This prevents syndrome "waiter" where it appears that the drum major carries a
tray of food. Move your hand in a smooth motion throughout the dynamic change. The first charge
of the measure after the dynamic, return the left hand with the pattern and use dynamic patterns.
Therefore, if there is a decrescendo dynamic hand, left hand back to a small pattern.


A cutoff is used to stop playing at the end of a song. There are millions of ways to cut the side; the
following is the easiest example. In a pattern of four in the last step, the First and Second Charges
conduct normally. Counting three, bounce from position two to the count of three counting
positions. Bounce back the count of four. Then move hands in a circle pattern slightly above his
head. A bill cut, form two fists, vertical thumbs, fingers clenched outward and snap the left to right
side. Wait in this position for an "and" the count, then fit the arms to the attention to the following
account. This pattern can be vocalized saying one, two, bounce, bounce off, and down.

Working with other Drum Majors

When two or more Drum Majors practicing basic patterns together. The intention is to ensure that
none of drum major performs very differently than the other way. If one Drum Major is the primary,
the other Drum Majors should always look for the primary dynamic queues, tempo, and

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Making backfield

A backfield driver must be in place some measures before it is needed. Most of the time, will be
conducted only with the right hand because it is running with an instrument on the show. Should
follow the tempo driver exactly opposite field and waive any dynamics to the pattern as clear as
possible. Begin by performing two steps required before and two after conducting necessary to
ensure a smooth transition between the conductive measurements.
Beats Preparation

Preparation beats begin a song. They can be silent or vocal. Normally, the drum major gives the
order: one, two; one, two, ready, play. On the count of "one, two", you should bounce a pattern of
one of the two cases. Then run a pattern of four, called "four to nothing" because nobody plays for
this measure of preparation. The band performs in the first over after the preparedness measure.

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