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									Hult MBA Reviews - In The Words Of Maria
Sofia Yi

                               Alumni Perspective
                               Maria Sofia Yi, Peruvian
                               One-Year MBA, 2010, London
                               Product Manager, Interbank (Financial Services)
                               One-Year MBA, 2010, London

Product Manager, Interbank (Financial Services)
My degrees from Hult made me very competitive in the marketplace,
which helped me to get a good job at one of the most crucial Peruvian


I was fascinated by the one-year plan, the range of Hult’s student system, and the opportunity to
rotate to Hult’s campuses across the globe.


The atmosphere on campus was simply fantastic. We were all in the very same situation-we were
on your own and about to get started on a new lifestyle for 12 months. We developed deep
relationships, some of which have lasted right up until nowadays. We partied, studied and traveled
and shared a memorable year together.


My home campus was London, and I rotated to Shanghai.

I had always wanted to study in London for three main reasons: I had never been to Europe before
the MBA and London was a huge-multicultural and 24-hour city that had also achieved worldwide
academic recognition.
I decided to go to Shanghai because my family is from China and I wanted to have a different life
experience in a place where the culture is totally distinctive from my own.

I am still happy with the choices I made in that time because I just loved both cities and I had the
opportunity to learn and develop tolerance and patience, and a more open attitude towards
different customs. Nowadays, I feel completely sure that I can adapt myself to different groups,
places, and situations.

I feel tremendously lucky to have friends and Hultians to contact in many cities all over the world. I
am sure that the diversity in the class is the most important benefit of Hult.


My MBA and Master of Finance from Hult helped me more competitive in the job market, which
helped me to get a good job at probably the most important Peruvian holdings. Now I have a job
with greater responsibility and more experience of higher levels of management. Financially, I was
able to triple my previous salary.

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