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Performance Issues and Maintenance of Rubber Roller


Paper handling machines, such as paper folders, paper and printers bursts depend largely on the rubber rollers to operate.

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Performance Issues and Maintenance of Rubber Roller
Paper handling machines, such as paper folders, paper and printers bursts depend largely on the rubber
rollers to operate. These are the equivalent of the tires on the cars, which must undergo periodic
maintenance to perform efficiently.

Rubber rollers define the performance capabilities of paper handling machines. Such machines,
therefore, will not work without the component roller. The yield of the latter depends entirely on
friction or elastic capacity to easily adhere to any surface of the paper. This is the driving force behind
the movement of the paper pick -up output tray. The health of the rollers defines the performance
capabilities of the machine, including paper folding machines.

Performance issues. These are the sensitive components. Paper makes the elastic surface to carry easily.
A layer of paper dust, grime over time causes the surface to lose its frictional properties or its ability to
grip paper. Heat meanwhile makes it harden also endangers their innate capacity to retain paper.

The inability of the component to move the paper into the paper machine causes stall fed or not moves
at all. This condition causes the machine literally useless. Only single idler maintenance however is
needed to achieve maximum performance of the machine.

Safety Chuck

Maintenance Roller. It is only with proper maintenance this component can work efficiently. In fact,
maintenance must be administered frequently. Due to its sensitive nature, should be carried out only
maintenance procedures prescribed.

• Please do. (1) Refer to the machine manual on how to enter the rubber rollers for cleaning, (2)
thoroughly clean the rollers using a rubber roller cleaner formulated to clean, rejuvenate and restore,
but never damage tacking surfaces. (3) Let dry completely and then close the machine.

This procedure should be done on a daily or after a heavy burden of printing base. This prevents the
buildup of dried ink or toner cause undesirable impression.

• There should be. Acetone and solvent based cleaners should never be used as solutions and abrasive
properties that can shorten the effective life of the spring. Also, do not try using DIY (do it yourself)
solutions if you've never tried or if you are unsure of its effectiveness. This may cause damaged the
rollers or other printing problems.
No amount of maintenance procedures, however, can revive a defective rubber roller. Poor
maintenance and heat determines your life. Therefore, when the elastic component loses its frictional
properties and holding capacity paper, must be replaced.

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