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The first true news source to announce the layoff of Daniel Ruth, other layoffs and the
deteriorating format of the Tampa Tribune newspaper was RexCurry.net. The paper, part
of the merged Tribune/WFLA-Ch. 8/ TBO.com, has already gone through several rounds
of job reductions.

An Executive Editor at the newspaper communicated with urgency: “... I’m worried that
if we don’t change how we think about this further it won’t matter what falls through the
cracks because we’ll have no readers.”
Partial blame for the Tribune's decline goes to two writers: Daniel Ruth and Elaine
Silvestrini. The mess follows mere weeks after "Daniel Ruth LaRouche" and "Elaine
Silvestrini Mussolini" were exposed in public debate challenges. That coincides with the
time when the newspaper said to the kook: "Uh, Daniel Ruth? Start packing your bags!"

Silvestrini and Ruth are part of a widespread problem at all newspapers: ignorant writing
and hate-mongering. Earlier Layoffs at the Tribune followed shortly after a previous
defeat of Ruth by Dr. Rex Curry (See any internet search for "Tampa Tribune lays off").

After Ruth's previous loss the response against the crack-pot from the general public was
so great that Ruth said he was labeled a "Dork, anti-free market statist, $#%!&,
Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist."

On another occasion, Ruth admitted publicly that locals have labeled him "bigot,
prejudiced, hateful and ignorant" among many other similar insults.

That was near the time Daniel Ruth's show on 970 WFLA was cancelled. Uh, Daniel
Ruth? Start Packing Your Bags !!

Daniel Ruth: is he Lyndon LaRouche? Or worse?

Is Daniel "LaRouche La Ruth" the person known as Lyndon LaRouche? See the
photographic evidence at http://rexcurry.net/daniel-ruth-elaine-silvestrini.jpg

Has anyone ever seen those two together? Has the mystery of Ruth's hybrid toupee /
combover question been solved? (Ruth once told a critic that Ruth would let the critic
find out if Ruth has a hybrid toupee/combover if the critic paid Ruth $5000 -Ruth knew
that if the price was high then the critic would pass on Ruth's toupee/combover

See the startling photographic evidence at

Ruth writes flippantly about torture. LaRouche La Ruth's insane clown posse
act is like something out of "Apocalypse Now" meets "A Clockwork Orange."

Good grief, Lyndon LaRouche was not as delusional as Ruth is.

Ruth publicly apologized to Dr. Curry for Ruth's errors. http://rexcurry.net/ruth.html

Elaine Silvestrini also acknowledged publicly her error regarding Dr. Curry (although she
did not apologize, of course).
The acknowledgement of errors by Ruth and Silvestrini were too late, as the Tribune
continued its tailspin down the toilet. http://rexcurry.net/daniel-ruth-tampa-tribune.html

Silvestrini and Ruth are news repeaters. The term "repeaters" and "reporters" is
synonymous, although "repeaters" explains more about radio, TV, and print-news people
(such as Silvestrini and Ruth): they repeat claptrap that is spouted by government and
government officials. They repeat it as if it is serious, rational and important. That is what
happens to "news" media in a police state. They repeat the national socialist dogma of
their newspapers ("national socialist" is what you-know-who called himself, and it is
necessary to point that out in case the newspapers’ readers (both of them) read this
because that fact is covered-up in the rags (as if the rags are trying to rehabilitate the

Silvestrini and Ruth repeat propaganda as if it were the pledge of allegiance that they
were taught to repeat in government schools (socialist schools).

Newspapers are collapsing under the internet and under Dr. Curry's internet work (taking
top spots on the web for exposing Silvestrini, Ruth and their newspapers). Silvestrini and
Ruth are learning (the hard way) why newspapers are losing under the web. A Google
search for Elaine Silvestrini shows that top spots are the RexCurry.net page (and others)
exposing her. A Google image search for Elaine Silvestrini shows similar results. Similar
results show in searches for Daniel Ruth. Videos expose them in the top spots in searches
on Youtube.com for Elaine Silvestrini, Daniel Ruth, and their newspapers. For years,
RexCurry.net has been a top spot in a Google search for Daniel Ruth, after Ruth's
previous humiliating defeat, and that explains why Daniel the near-sighted loopy
leperchaun [sic] remains bitter, thin-skinned and sour.

That is why Dr. Rex Curry makes important discoveries that enlighten the world forever,
while Elaine Silvestrini and Daniel Ruth overlook important discoveries (that they could
have made) during lives of name-calling, hate-mongering and bad writing.

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