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									                  92 Poor and Disabled Couples Tied The Knot
    (Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur organised free group marriage ceremony in Ramlila
                                  Maidan. New Delhi)

New Delhi, 15 June. ‘We can’t move without help of stick or any person and seek others help
for every work but we could be support for each other’. With this feeling and spirit, 92 poor and
disabled couples tied the knot with a promise to support each other till seven births. The
historical Ramlila Maidan of National capital was the witness of this mega event.

Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur is working since last 29 years for disabled, free operations of
paralysed children, rehabilitation for disabled youths, education for deaf and dumb children
and free arrangement of employable vocational training etc. On Sunday 92 Poor and disabled
couples got married as a Free Mass Wedding ceremony organised by the NGO in Ramlila
Maidan, New Delhi. Many eminent persons participated in event and offered ‘Kanyadan’ as
guardians. “Lam lightening” and ‘Ganesh Stuti’ was done by the Founder Chairman of Narayan
Seva Sansthan “Shri Padamshree Kailash Manav”, Co-founder “Smt. Kamla Devi Aggarwal”,
“President of Sansthan Shri Prashant Agarwal”, “Director Vandna Agarwal” and Trustee Director
“Shri Devendra Choubis” on the big stage on the Pandal in Ramlila Maida. Blessings and best
wishes were showered on the newly wedded couples for their successful married life.

Bindauli ceremony started at 8 AM with couples dressed in beautiful wedding attire. Grooms
and Brides were seen sitting in a well decorated wheel cart and reached Ramlila Maidan as
procession ceremony. Bindauli ceremony witnessed couples’s parents, Sadhaks and guests
dancing as the couples moved forward towards the venue. They were welcomed with flowers
and the Brides were seated on a special stage, while grooms reached stage after ‘Toran’.

Bride and groom embraced and greeted each other with garlands.

‘You are my support and I am yours’ with this determination when couples garlanded each
other on stage in the presence of thousands of people, while the Pandal echoed with a huge

Social harmony

In this marriage ceremony a Muslim couple Shafeeka Bano-Mansur Ali from Sabarkantha,
Gujrat and a Christian couple also tied the knot with their own social traditions. Nikaha was
performed by Qazi Janab Jaan Mohamad of Masjid Nayabas and Christian couple’s marriage
was performed by Revrend Victor Peter of Stephen Church Fatehpuri. Hindu couples married
with Vedic tradition.

Ninety Vedi (chancels) were made

For the marriage ceremony 90 chancels were made in Ramlila Maidan. There was one Pandit
present on every Vedi. They performed ‘Panigrahan Sanskar’ under the instruction of Aacharya
Pt. Harish Pandey. Guardians, Parents. ‘Phera’ ceremony started at 11: 15.
Household items given

All newly wedded couples were given necessary household items like dinner set, sewing
machine, pressure cooker, bed, utensils, Kothi, sandook, stove, fans, dressing table,
mangalsutra, anklets, earrings, toerings, nosepin, makeup box, bangles and wrist watch, chain,
safa, suit etc were given to grooms.

Earlier married couples were also present

Disabled couples married in previous marriage ceremony organised by Narayan Seva Sansthan
were also present in the event with their children. They talked about their happy married life
and thanked the NGO fo the same.

Adieu ceremony

After marriage ceremony, the members of Narayan Seva Sansthan and guests altar the couples
with blessings and wishes. All the couples received blessings of the Sansthan’s founder Shri
Kailash Manav and left for their new journey.

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