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Zamansky LLC Investigates Independent Broker-Dealer Firms For
Churning, Unsuitable

Zamansky, LLC

New York, NY (Law Firm Newswire) June 11, 2014 – Zamansky LLC announces that it is investigating
independent broker-dealer firms for churning, unsuitable investments and other sales practice violations. According
to Jacob Zamansky, stock fraud attorney for over 25 years, as the stock market has reached new highs, financial
advisors have been under pressure to keep up. Our firm has seen incidents of churning by financial advisors and
sales of riskier and more speculative investments than investors want, Zamansky states.

Zamansky states that financial advisors at the smaller, independent brokerage firms may be in a position of trust
where they can exploit their customers. Financial advisors at smaller firms or who operate from independent offices
may have greater financial pressure to “pay the bills” by breaking the rules or engaging in misconduct, he states.
The smaller or independent firms also may lack compliance departments so that the firms are not supervising their
financial advisors as vigilantly, he states.

Zamansky states that he has seen many situations where the financial advisor at a small or independent brokerage
firm sells a customer a product which generates a large upfront commission where another lower fee product is
more suitable or appropriate for the customer. An example, he cites, are sales of the non-public REITS, rather than
the publicly traded REITs which may be a better, lower cost investment.

The largest independent brokerage firms are:

       LPL Financial
       Lincoln Financial Network
       Ameriprise Financial Services
       AXA Advisors
       Transamerica Financial Advisors
       Raymond James Financial Services
       MML Investor Services
       HD Vest Investment Services
       Park Avenue Securities
       Cambridge Investment Research
       NFP Advisor Services
       Commonwealth Financial Network
       National Planning Corp.
       ING Financial Partners
       MetLife Securities
       Princor Financial Services
       Royal Alliance Associates
       Securities America

What Investors At These Firms Can Do

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                                                          Attorney Press Releases and Legal News

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