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Patient Alleges Sexual Assault By Certified Nursing Assistant
Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) June 12, 2014 – A female surgery patient alleged a Certified Nursing
Assistant sexually assaulted her and that the hospital did not respond appropriately to her complaints.

“The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleged that her sexual assault was not the first time the accused had assaulted
patients and that he had been doing it for over a decade. Numerous woman had complained during that time, but
nothing was done until recently when the complainant was told the person had been fired,” Daren Monroe, a
Litigation Funding Corporation spokesperson said.

Documentation filed with the court indicates she is filing for medical malpractice and further alleges dependent
adult abuse by Certified Nursing Assistant, Guillermo Diaz. After a suspension, the state of California Department
of Public Health revoked period Diaz’s license to practice last year.

Los Angeles police launched an investigation into complaints by two former Cedars-Sinai patients asserting they
had been sexually assaulted. During the course of the newest investigation, police uncovered two further historical
accusations; one included a colleague alleging Diaz raped her at an office party. No charges were ever laid.

The latest accusation originated from a 43-year-old woman recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from her
pancreas. In debilitating pain, the man said he would rub her back. Instead, he rubbed her breasts and groin area
while she insisted he stop. Despite this complaint and the history of other allegations against the same man, the
hospital permitted him to keep working there.

The emotional, mental and psychological pain suffered by this complainant was enough for her to file a lawsuit
against the perpetrator and the hospital, alleging negligent hiring and retention of a man with a history of
inappropriate sexual behavior.

Therapy to recover from a situation such as this is expensive and usually extensive. Finding funds to pay for such
therapy may be a daunting task for this plaintiff. “She might want to consider filling out an application for a lawsuit
loan, also referred to as litigation funding. She needs her attorney to work with her on this application. Once it is
reviewed and assessed for winability in the courtroom, approved funds are then sent to the plaintiff’s bank
account, usually in less than 48-hours,” Monroe says.

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                                                  Attorney Press Releases and Legal News

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