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					                      Termite Detection and Control

Termites are wood eating insects that have acquired a very bad reputation. A major part of
this reputation is based on facts, as termite is one inset that causes property owners to loose
a lot of money in the form of damage to their properties and subsequent remedial

While efforts to curb termites have been around for a while, successful pest control of the
insect is still a major issue. In fact, termite eradication and control is still one of the most
frequent requests that pest control businesses cater to across the country.

Termites are often mistaken for ants and this is one error that causes many issues for
property owners. This is a common error made by property owners who are located in
suburban or rural areas. Since termite and ants share many behavioral patterns, it is easy to
mistaken termites as ants.

Termite detection is difficult to detect because of the way the insects live. They rarely, if
ever, break out to the surface of their burrows. This means that a seemingly unaffected area
could have termites running under the surface. This is why all termite infestations come as a

One of the most common indications of termites is the mud tubes that they build. These
tubes could take elaborate form and are often made of branches running in all directions. In
the US, three most common types of termites are Native Subterranean Termite, Drywood
termite and Formosan Termite. Of these, the Native Termite is the most common to which
the majority of infestations are attributed.

Regular inspection is the only surefire way of detecting the onset of a termite infestation.
Many exterminators in cities like Houston consider this late. According to them, termites are
only discovered when the damage has gone beyond a certain limit. At this point, termite
control is the only option left.

There are a number of tips for preventing termite infestation. However, many property
owners often disregard the most important tip. Drainage is one issue that is often ignored
because dampness in the garden is considered to be a no big deal. Few people know that
termites like every other insect are attracted toward moisture. Improper drainage is an
invitation for termites to encroach the property.

Exterminators specializing in termite control look for two important aspects of the property
in order to evaluate the probability and extent of termite infestation. The first is the
drainage of the property, particularly the drainage of the area bordering the property.
The second aspect is the presence of any cracks in the foundation of the structure. These
two are the most important pathways that termites follow into a property.

A number of treatment methods are available but not all work equally well. The choice of
the treatment depends mainly on the size and location of the infestation. Two major types
of treatments are Barrier treatments and Termite baits. Both methods have their pros and
cons and effects upon the residents of the property.

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Description: Termites are wood eating insects that have acquired a very bad reputation.