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									Customers Praise Yellowfin Data Discovery Interface in 2014 Value Matrix

Customers have pinpointed the Data Discovery capabilities of global Business
Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, as integral to the success of
their BI deployments.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 13, 2014 -- The report evaluated the world’s
foremost BI vendors on their usability and functionality – the two factors that Nucleus
Research has found indicate an applications’ ability to deliver initial Return on
Investment (ROI) and maximum value over time.

“Customers stated that Yellowfin’s easy to understand user interface, flexibility,
self-service discovery and ease of deployment were key factors behind the success they
have seen in their deployments,” read the report. “As more and more organizations
are looking for greater ROI, reduced IT reliance and greater user productivity,
Yellowfin’s focus on keeping the user interface and presentation layer simple and
easy to use, has allowed it to compete on multiple layers for enterprise, departmental, or
embedded BI deployments.”

The report also cited the ability for Yellowfin clients to create reports via mobile devices
as an important factor, capable of “extending the usability and accessibility of the
solution”, especially given that “Over the past six months, mobile has become a
‘must have’ versus a ‘nice to have’.”

Principal Analyst for BI and Analytics at Nucleus Research, Nina Sandy, said that
Yellowfin’s ease-of-use, administrative support and single all-inclusive license type
were critical for facilitating enterprise-wide deployments and strong ROI.

“Yellowfin is a BI application that supports pervasive analytic implementations,”
said Sandy. “Firstly, it’s highly intuitive – easy to use, deploy, integrate and
manage. Secondly, Yellowfin’s all-inclusive per annum licensing model ensures that
clients only ever use what they require; meaning strong ROI is always attainable. There
are no separate charges to utilize Yellowfin’s Location Analytics, collaborative
capabilities, or native apps for iPad, iPhone and HTML 5 app for Android devices.”

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, said that strong assessments of Yellowfin’s Data
Discovery capabilities, both from clients and respected independent analyst firms such as
Nucleus Research, demonstrated the vendor’s capacity to meet the demands of
consumer-oriented BI.

“At Yellowfin, we know what it takes to make widespread user-driven data
exploration and analysis possible,” said Rabie. “Recognition from leading analyst
firms, like Nucleus Research, validates our ability to deliver intuitive BI functionality to
organizations of all sizes and people of all business backgrounds.”
Yellowfin was placed in the ‘Facilitators’ quadrant of Nucleus Research’s
Value Matrix for BI and analytics, along with Adaptive Insights, Board, Jaspersoft, Qlik,
Tableau, and TIBCO Spotfire.

“Vendors in the Facilitators quadrant have invested in making their applications
intuitive and easy to use, driving rapid adoption with limited training requirements,”
stated the report. “The Facilitator solutions are easy to implement, manage and use,
which leads to large enterprise deployments over time.”

Nucleus Research stated in the report that it expected vendors that continued to invest in
usability to “advance in future matrices and gain market share away from those whose
applications are more complex and costly to learn and support.”

The Value Matrix is divided into four quadrants or matrices: Leaders, Experts,
Facilitators and Core Providers.

Within each of its Value Matrix reports, Nucleus Research “projects 6-month trends
for each vendor”. Nucleus Research predicted Yellowfin would move into the
‘Leader’ quadrant in the next version of the report (Second Half 2014), due out in
December 2014.

Download the full report from here:

Read about Yellowfin’s performance in the Technology Value Matrix for Business
Intelligence and Analytics (Second Half 2013) here:

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