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									Find The Best Licensed Money Lenders In Singapore @ Advance Planners
One of the most dissatisfying issues relating to the loan procurement procedures that often lead to a
lot of people not getting the loans when they want those most is the eligibility criteria that most of
these banks have to provide loans.

The eligibility criteria often is, if you need to borrow loan from a bank you will have to be earning
at least something around $15k a month in salary and you should be having a lot of property that
you could live by. Now, these points of eligibility criteria ensure that the borrower is capable of
paying back the loan and will not default on the loan, however if someone has that as a salary and
this many property, it gets quite confusing to think, why would they need loan for.

Maybe it is difficult to understand as a layman and the point might have some good explanation,
however, people with lesser salary or property too require borrowing money for a lot of different
reasons. The question that then arises is, from where to get the loan from. The question is same for
people in Singapore, who are in different businesses and require borrowing to fund their business or
for some other reason.

This is the point where the Singapore licensed money lenders come in. The licensed money lenders
in Singapore like Advance Planners are people or groups, who lend money to those with lesser
income or property or bad credit record. The only thing that makes them a little expensive is the fact
that they charge a little extra rate of interest and they lend lesser amounts of money. However, they
at least make sure that you get the amount that you require in time.

About Advance Planners:

There are many licensed money lenders in Singapore, who have been providing similar loan
solutions. Advance Planners claims they have been keeping up with the competition and have been
constantly seeking to serve their clients best. They aim at not just providing the financial help that
their clients need, rather they have been guiding their clients while trying to know them better, to
ensure they enjoy the financial independence and freedom that they seek.

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