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									Reliance Pest Solutions In Moore OK Provides Quality Pest Control Solutions For Your Home

Oklahoma City OK, 12-JUNE-2014 - Reliance Pest Solutions and Gannon Mahaffay are pleased to
announce that pest control solutions are available for Oklahoma City, Moore and surrounding locales.
The Moore Pest Control firm employees have the highest level of training, certification and experience
to provide satisfactory results. There are many different types of pests which can affect homes and
businesses. Understanding which remedies will be most effective is the responsibility of the Reliance

Owner Gannon Mahaffray spoke to an interviewer recently, "We have the tools and techniques to get
rid of pests without endangering the lives, safety or health of the people and pets that live in the home.
Our professionals emphasize ecologically responsible services and products for each of our customers.
The application of such products is done in a safe and effective manner."

"The solutions that we provide" he explains, "are known to be effective because they rely on layers of
security. We understand how to identify which type of pests are present in the structure. The ways of
eradicating pests depend upon how these pests drink, eat, reproduce and hide. The pest is removed, as
well as any evidence such as webs, nests or droppings."

The services provided by the technicians associated with the firm are comprehensive and guaranteed.
When arranging for a pest control professional to inspect or to address the pest issues, prompt arrival
and departure is assured. Homeowners don't have to spend time waiting for a technician to arrive. If the
first application of control substances doesn't eliminate the pest, the company will come back and
repeat the application until success is achieved.

Learn more about pest eradication solutions by paying a visit to the website at today. Members of the press and others who have additional
questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact the firm at the location listed

Company Name: Reliance Pest Solutions
Address: 211 N. E. 38th Street. Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Contact Telephone Number: (405) 237-6104

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