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									AAA Carpet Cleaning In Las Vegas Offers Quality Carpet Restoration Services

Los Angeles CA, 13-JUNE-2014 - AAA Carpet Cleaning is pleased to announce that the company
offers restorative services to home and business owners in the Las Vegas area. The Las Vegas Carpet
Cleaning company has the mission to provide residents in the region with the very best quality in all
areas of cleaning. Customer care is at the forefront of every endeavor.

A company spokesperson explained to an interviewer recently, "Carpet restoration services can be
applied for any of several disasters that affect the carpets in your home. Pet stains are a typical
problem. When animal urine gets into the fibers and backing of the carpeting, specific actions must be
taken to remove the urine without destroying the carpet itself. Spot cleaning may be employed if the
carpet is otherwise in good shape, or the area may be pre-cleaned before whole house carpeting is

"With a pet in the house" he continues, "more significant repairs can be necessary. Puppies are well
known for their tendency to chew items, including carpet. Cats may use carpet as a scratching area. Our
professionals have the skills to repair or patch such damaged areas before proceeding with routine
cleaning. Carpets represent a significant investment in the appearance and value of your home. We can
help you to maintain the value."

Treating stains which happen are another important element in carpet restoration. Spilled food and
drinks can leave stains and can also leave organic residue in the fibers. The firm can replace carpet
metal to protect the edges. In order to retain the appearance, stretching the carpet may be necessary.

Learn more about carpet restoration and repair by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional
questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the address
described below.

Company Name: AAA Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2550 East Desert Inn Road #118, Las Vegas NV 89121
Contact Telephone Number: (702) 458-2870

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