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FOODesign provides a range of catering services designed to help couples enjoy the wedding festivities. Other catering services include parties, mitzvahs, corporate events and reunions.

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									FOODesign By Chef Brech In Grand Rapids Is Your Source For Wedding Catering

Grand Rapids MI, 13-JUNE-2014 - FoodDesign by Chef Brech and Executive Chef, Steve Brechting,
are pleased to announce that wedding catering services are available from the top-ranked caterer in the
Grand Rapids area. Hundreds of satisfied couples have made use of professional catering services to
take care of the details on the big day. The wedding catering services Grand Rapids couples trust take
care of every detail from menu planning to presentation.

According to Chef Brechting, "The type of food that you want for your wedding reception or rehearsal
dinner can set the tone for the entire event. We provide a wide variety of delicious and interesting
menus so that the preferences and needs of the bridal couples can be met. The location of the festivities
and the time of day when they begin are also factors to consider when choosing a menu."

"Catering for a wedding can include full sit-down dinners with linens and china for the diners" he
continues. "We offer buffet style stations that include Asian, Italian, raw, Tuscan cuisine as well as
other options. We ensure that the food fits the prospective venue so that guests enjoy the experience
and the food as well."

Foods are prepared using the services of the best professional chefs in the Grand Rapids area. The
servers and other team members are well experienced in this type of function. The quality of delivered
foods and services is unparalleled in the area. The planning process is handled with knowledgeable
people who help to coordinate the entire event.

Learn more about wedding catering services in the Grand Rapids area by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions
regarding the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Steve Brechting at the location
presented below.

Contact Person Name: Steve Brechting
Company FOODesign by Chef Brech
Address: 1657 Leonard ST NW, Grand Rapids MI
Contact Telephone Number:

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