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Hydraulic Cylinder - Operations, Parts and Designs
A hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor is one of many mechanical devices used in vehicle engineering.
Use of hydraulic fluid under pressure is done in order to produce the linear motion or force. In many
cases, it serves the purposes of power transfer. When it comes to choosing a product like this, you have
to be able to look at the configuration, performance specifications, construction materials and other

When it comes to the operation of hydraulic cylinders, one must be able to understand what actually
transpires in the process. With the presence of various components in these products, good
performance is obtained. The main parts are the cylinder, piston and piston rod. Note the following facts
about this industrial product.

hydraulic equipment

More in operations and different parts of the hydraulic cylinder

The cylinder body is the area in which the piston makes the movements back and forth. This is the same
part that closes with the help of the end cap. The piston rod from the cylinder, as it pushes the cylinder
head. The piston, on the other hand, is one that contains the seals and slip rings. It is responsible for
dividing the cylinder in the end of the bar and the end cap. When hydraulic pressure is applied to the
cylinder, the linear motion is achieved. With the help of the piston rod, the product may be attached to
another object.

On his side of the generator, the hydraulic pump is located. The pump ensures bring the exact amount
of oil in the bottom of the cylinder. The oil causes movement of the piston rod in an upward motion.
Through this process, the oil returns to the original tank or basin. Other parts are cylinder seals, cushions
and cylinder connections base.

Designs for hydraulic cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder is designed in two different styles. The first is known as the cylinder or rod which
makes use of reinforced steel rods threaded in order to connect the end caps to the cylinder liner. This is
very popular in factories. Popular types of these designs are small cylinders with typical gauge 4 tie rods
and large diameter cylinders which often contain at least 16 to make it perform properly straps.

industrial hydraulic cylinder

In contrast to the design of the rod is the following known design of hydraulic cylinder as the cylinder
body welded. The barrel and the end caps are welded together while the ports are connected through
welding to the cylinder body. These designs are very advantageous in some equipment, including
excavators, bulldozers and graders for construction as well as fork lift trucks and lift gates for material

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