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									Ultrasound Continuing Medical Education
            (CME) Courses

Medical professionals who need continuing
medical education credits can find
challenging, informative and hands-on skill
building ultrasound courses at Advanced
Health Education Center (AHEC) in Houston.
At our 12,000 square foot facility in Southwest
Houston, we offer ultrasound continuing
medical education (CME) courses in:
 Abdominal/Abdominal Doppler
 Breast Ultrasound
 Cardiovascular Ultrasound
 Carotid Ultrasound
 Abdominal & OB/GYN
  Ultrasound Combined
 Critical Care Ultrasound
 Echocardiography Ultrasound
 Emergency Medicine
 Gynecological Ultrasound
 Internal Medicine Ultrasound
 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
 Peripheral Arterial Ultrasound
 Point of Care Ultrasound
 Vascular Ultrasound
 Venous Ultrasound
Ultrasound Continuing Medical Education
           Course Structure
Our ultrasound courses are offered in one, two,
three, four and five day sessions so that participants
can choose the course that offers the right number of
credits for their specific needs. Each course includes
a lecture component, a series of case studies
designed to inform participants about common and
uncommon cases relevant to the ultrasound in the
course, and a hands-on module that gives all
participants adequate time to familiarize themselves
with performing the ultrasound on live models.
At AHEC, CME credit is earned by participating in a
course that is challenging and thorough. We offer the
ideal ultrasound CME opportunity for physicians,
technicians and other medical professionals in need of
a broader skill set. We are also conveniently located in
the center of the United States, making our facility
easily accessed from nearly anywhere in the
continental U.S.
Contact us for More CME Information

 Street & Mailing Address:
 8502 Tybor Drive | Houston, TX 77074

 713.772.0157 - Local
 800.239.1361 - Toll-Free
 713.772.0155 – Fax


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