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					Phrasal verbs
Lecture 11
Accede to
 Agree to; gain a title, position or job
 He had significant achievements behind
  him when he acceded to the job.
Accord with
 与…一致; 与…相符
 This does not accord with facts.
Account for
 Explain (something that has happened)
 He couldn’t accounted for his behaviour.
 Amount to, constitute
 Compact cars account for more than half
  the auto market there.
Act out
 用行动 表现 出(often unconsciously)
 He is a man who acts out his principles.
Act up
 (machine) go wrong
 The speakers seem alright, but the tape-
  deck’s acting up again.
 (a child) cause trouble, behave badly
 She couldn’t trust him not to act up when
  something upset him.
Answer for
 Be responsible for something bad
 I can’t answer for what happens to the
  houses; they’re not my responsibility.

 Trust, rely on
 There’s no doubt about his commitment
  to the company, but I couldn’t answer for
  the others.
Ask after
 Ask for news about someone
 I saw Phil in town yesterday; he was asking
  after you.
Attend to
 Deal with
 There are one or two financial matters to
  attend to before we go in for dinner.

 See to, look after
 The nurse will attend to your wounds as
  soon as she’s free.
Back out
 决定不做,食言
 If they back out of the contract at this
  stage, we’ll be finished.

 Drive your vehicle out backwards
 It’s dangerous backing out onto such a
  busy road.
Back up
 Support, help
 Send photos of the damage and builders’
  estimates for repairs, to back up your

 Drive your vehicle backwards
 You’ll have to back up a little so I can
  open the gate.
Bank on
 指望
 We’re all banking on good weather for
  the first meeting of the season.
Branch off
 分叉
 The narrow track branches off the main
  path to the left.
Butt in
干扰 ,干涉
We can’t hope to have a sensible
discussion if Mr Portillo keeps butting in
before I’ve finished my point.

Butt out 停止干涉
I think her parents should just butt out and
let her make her own mistakes.
Close in
 接近,靠近
 We caught a brief glimpse of them before
  the fog closed in again.
Close off
 封锁 ,断绝
 The road was closed off for one hour.
Close on
 接近; 赶上
 The car was closing on him.
Close out
   He tried to close the noise out by putting
    his fingers in his ears.
Close up
 关闭 ,停止营业
 The librarian told us to choose our books
  quickly because she was just about to
  close up for the night.
 靠近,靠拢
 She looked for an escape gap, but the
  crowd had shifted again and closed up.
 Movement in different directions
 He continued to drive about his garden
  and woods.
 Action in different places
 Paintings were pulled off the walls and
  flung about all over the room.
 Lack of activity, purpose or pattern
 Hang about, idle about, play about
 Happening
 Bring about, come about
 Following
 Go after, run after
 Wanting
 Ask after
 Imitating or copying
 Name after, call after
   Opposing
   protest against
   Protecting
   Guard against, protect against, preserve against
   Comparing
   Match against, weigh against
   Being a disadvantage
   work against
   Moving to a further or distant place
   Go away, move away,
   Not coming and not getting involved
   Keep away, shrink away
   Taking and removing
   Pull away, tear away
   Disappearing and destroying
   Drop away, melt away, waste away
   Continuing
   Talk away, work away
   Getting rid of something
   Frighten away, flush away
   Storing and hiding
   Put away, tidy away, file away
   Passing
   Walk by, march by
   Visiting
   Call by, drop by
   Obeying
   Abide by
   Storing or keeping
   Put by, lay by
making or becoming smaller or lower
Slow down, turn down, calm down
Fastening, securing and fixing
Screw down, nail down, pin down
Destroying and breaking
Burn down, break down, bring down
   Defeating
   Argue down, fight down, knock down, vote down
   Recording and writing
   Copy down, jot down, mark down
   Eating and drinking
   Gulp down
 Passing from one generation to the next
 Pass down, hand down
 Cleaning, polishing, smoothing and
 soap down
 Cause or origin
 Die of, born of
 Communication and interpretation
 Say of, assure sb. of
 Removal
 Be stripped of, be starved of, rob sb. of
 Moving away or leaving
 Set off, move off, take off
 Movement from a higher to a lower
 Get off, fall off, slide off
 Decreasing, lessening or declining
 Go off sb./sth. (对 …不再感兴 趣), wear off
   Separating or blocking
   divide off
   Stopping or preventing
   Beat off
   Removing, eliminating or disposing
   Chop off, wash off, suck off
   Beginning or starting
   Kick off, spark off, trigger off
   Ending, stopping, disconnecting and cancelling
   Turn off, call off
 Finality or completeness
 Finish off, sell off, pay off
 Rejecting, dismissing or ignoring
 Laugh off, shrug off
 Falling asleep
 Doze off
 Exploding or firing
 go off
   In or into a vehicle, ship or aircraft
   Get on, jump on
   Continuing
   Work on, get on, struggle on
   Encouraging to continue or go forward
   Cheer sb. on
   Come on!
 Dressing
 Put on
 Transferring
 Pass on

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