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									5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Human Resources Department
If you are the owner of a growing company, it is important that you are hiring people
that will positively contribute to your company. There are many people that do not
know what departments are necessary for their company to grow and thrive, and end
up creating departments that are not effective and not creating departments that would
be extremely helpful. A human resources department may be one of those
departments. As your organization grows it is important that you assess your needs to
be sure that you can hire a human resources department if it makes sense. By doing
this early on, you may be able to avoid many problems that can come from not having
a human resources department.


More than likely, as the owner of the company, you have dealt with a huge amount of
paperwork since the beginning of your company.
A great perk of having a human resources
department is the ability to delegate the
paperwork to this department. When you have a
human resources department you can be sure that
all of the necessary paperwork is being taken care
of, without having to do it yourself. As your
company grows, it may become impossible for
one person to take on the paperwork. By having a
department be in charge of the paperwork, you
can be sure that one person's career is not too inundated with pushing paper.

New Employees

                        When you have a human resources department, you can
                        ensure that all new employees are taught everything that they
                        need to know within the first few hours of becoming an
                        employee with your company. There are a lot of people that
                        do not realize that the hiring and new employee training
                        process should be very well documented. When a new hire
                        comes into work the first day, you should be able to explain
                        to him or her everything that you can about your company.
                        The ins and outs of who is who and what is what. By teaching
                        them everything that is pertinent to their job, you can ensure
                        that he or she does not feel lost. You may also want your HR
department to head your compliance training. The compliance training should be
taken care of very early in an individual's career with your company.


If you have any type of benefits package, you can give the responsibility to manage
the benefits package to your HR department. Your HR department will be able to give
the compensation that is required for the benefits packages. With all of the recent
changes that have been made to health care, it can be difficult to keep everything
straight when it comes to benefits. An HR department can ensure that everyone is
introduced to the benefits that are available and also ensure that the enrollment
periods are widely publicized.

Do not be afraid to start an HR department within your company. This department can
be an integral part of your growth and ensure that you are always sustainable as you
are growing.

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