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									Things You Can Do to Help Improve Your Small Business

You have worked hard to establish your small business. But let's face it, being a small business
owner can be extremely difficult. It is a major undertaking to get your business set up in the first
place and now that you are in the thick of running it, it can feel like an overwhelming endeavor.
You are worried about your employees, accounting, and most importantly sales and incoming
cash flow. It can be hard to take a step back from the daily responsibilities and look at the big
picture...mainly, how you can improve your small business to be more efficient and more
profitable. Here are some things to consider.

This may sound strange, but a key practice successful small
business owners focus on in constantly learning. Take
advantage of free and low cost educational programs that are
available in your area and around the country. Learning about
marketing, sales, networking, accounting, etc. can help you
immensely. The more you understand how business works, the
better off you will be in terms of your ability to run your

                                    Speaking of marketing, this is something that can get
                                    overlooked by some small business owners. Many make the
                                    mistake of doing the "basic" marketing tactics like getting a
                                    listing in a phone book and launching a basic website. Make
                                    sure you use the power of the Internet to market your product
                                    or services. Employ strategies for search engine optimization,
                                    social media and email marketing. Make sure your online
                                    presence is reflective of your brand and that people can find
                                    you when they are searching for the type of product you are
                                    offering. Make sure to capture existing customers' data so
                                    you can keep in contact with them through email and direct
                                    mail marketing.

Customer Service
For so many small businesses, online reviews have become a do or die proposition for them.
When someone is looking for local services or products, they typically will use a search engine.
Within those search results, there are different review sites that will come up. The last thing you
want to do is provide someone with a negative experience and have them post reviews on various
websites and forums. Make sure you provide excellent and prompt customer service. Don't be
shortsighted and blow off a customer that is being difficult, as the repercussions could end up
being disastrous for your reputation.

As a small business owner, you should never rest on your laurels. Don't get too comfortable with
your business model because things seem to be going well. Be visionary in your approach and
constantly look for ways to improve your offering for your customers. You should have the
mindset that your competition is not resting, so you shouldn't either.

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