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					Models of outreach work

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  Models of outreach work: Indigenous
    Leader Outreach Model (ILOM)

•Described by Wayne Wiebel (University of
•Uses leaders for establishing contacts with IDUs
in their groups
•Leader IDU – is an authority in a community, who
poses a model for imitation and who is followed
by others, whose advice is the most convincing for
other IDUs. Leader forms opinions inside a group.
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    Indigenous Leader Outreach Model
          (ILOM) – How it works?
•Visiting places of IDUs presence, watching on their
communication and identification of possible leaders
•Establishing a contact with leaders a) individually b) via
intermediary (friends, relatives, familiars, doctors, police
and etc.)
•Individual assessment of risky behavior of the
contacted leader
•Education and counseling of the leader
•Leader continues preventive education and delivers
services inside a group
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      Models of outreach work: Network
       Prevention Intervention Model

•Described by Carl Latkin (Baltimore, USA)
•Model presumes networks of IDUs
•Networks are formed by type of used drug
(heroine, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and

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   Network Prevention Intervention Model –
               How it works?
•Establishing contacts with IDUs from each network
•Learning structure and characteristics of each
•Selection of IDUs to be peer-educators
•Training peer-educators (up to 10 thematic modules)
•Evaluation of knowledge/skills of trained peer-
•Peer-educators do outreach prevention work among
IDUs – members of their networks
•Peer-educators invite members of network for
interview on regular basis (for knowledge and skills
evaluation)              Presentation 10
      Models of outreach work: Peer
            Education Model
•Developed by Robert Broadhead and Douglas
Heckathorn (Connecticut, USA)
•Every IDU is encouraged to participate in HIV
prevention throughout community (no matter
of type of used drug) by involving other peers
into the project
•It is implemented by coupon system – each
participant receives coupons to bring others to
educate them using model ‘mentor-peer’
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  Peer Education Model – How it works?
•Establishing contacts and involving one or two IDUs
•Conducting a comprehensive sociological interview
with each participant (usually generously paid)
•Training of participants (program consists of 4 topics or
more) as mentors
•Trained IDU mentors invite other IDUs for interview
(each mentor receives 3 coupons for inviting others)
•Trained IDU mentors provide prevention work among
•Trained IDU mentors receive remuneration for each
recruited participant
•Participants are interviewed every three months
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     Models of outreach work: Model
   “Supervisor-Group leaders-Outreach
•This model was born in 80th in Netherlands
•Self-actualized groups of IDUs started
outreach with syringes exchange
•Later on this model of work included medical
and social professionals, also – drug users in
remission as outreach workers

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       Model “Supervisor-Group leaders-
    Outreach workers-Peer-educators” – How
                  it works?
•    Training of IDUs who are harm
     reduction program clients (training
     cycle usually consists of 5 modules)
•    Selection of trained IDUs for further
     introduction into outreach work.
     Criteria of selection: attending,
     knowledge tests, pro-activeness.
•    Training of outreach workers: special
     knowledge and skills. Probation in
     outreach work.
•    Outreach work in action
•    Supervisor coordinates whole
     process from inside of it (being
     involved in daily outreach activities)
•    Every outreach worker cultivates IDU
     leaders for involving new clients and
     recruiting potential outreach workers
•    Cycle is completed – it is possible to
     start again with a new group

                                       Presentation 10
  Models of outreach work: Model “Outreach
            worker in community”

•Described by Harvey Feldman, UK
•Main idea – entering outreach
workers into community of IDUs for
collecting information and further
planning prevention interventions

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