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					Models for Health and Wellness
           HW 215
                   Unit 2
    Multicultural and Cross-disciplinary
   Perspectives on Health and Wellness

      J. Ernest Aguilar, M.Div., Ph.D.
             Kaplan University
         School of Health Sciences
•   Housekeeping
•   Culture Quiz
•   Word Association
•   Discussion: Seminar Questions
•   Wrap up
• Assignments must meet the length
• Papers should be typed in 12-point font
• References and citations must be provided
  for all information gathered from other
• Please use the spell check feature in Word
• Format for references and citations is
  available in the Kaplan Writing Center
• All assignments are graded based on the
  rubric found in the syllabus

            • “Free Encyclopedia”
            • “Anyone can edit”
            • Content can not be
              verified at any given moment
• Weekly Discussion Board
  • To receive full credit, you must:
    • Make your initial post by Saturday
    • Post two (2) responses to your
      classmates’ posts
• Seminar
   • If you choose the Live Seminar (Option 1),
     your grade depends on
   • Attendance
   • Substantive Participation
      • Frequent interactions on concepts being
         discussed by students and instructor
      • Posts are on topic and contribute to the
         quality of the seminar
      • Student arrives on time and stays the
         entire seminar
Seminar Focus
             Culture Quiz
• Name the country of origin of

      Chile con Carne
            Culture Quiz
• Where do they cook with

             Culture Quiz
• Identify this language:

           Pon m’onor
             Culture Quiz
• What is this?

• And where does it come from?
             Culture Quiz
• Chile con Carne is a “spanish-style” dish
  that was created in the Southwest United
• Spiders are frying pans with legs used in
  the United States.
• “Pon m’onor” is Appalachian English.
• Ciopino is a seafood stew that was
  created in San Francisco.
Word Association

         Word Association

• Adaptation: Designates a modification,
  adjustment, or change in the way one
  thinks of and approaches a topic.
Word Association

          Word Association

• Culture: Customs, ways of life,
  traditions, and mores of particular social
Word Association

         Word Association
• Context: The framework, the setting, or
  the environment related to a topic. For
  example, the cultural context in health
  and wellness is the social environment
  that influences one’s understanding of
  health, healing, illness, etc.
Word Association

Global Health
         Word Association
• Global Health: A viewpoint of health that
  extends beyond political, geographical,
  and cultural boundaries.
Word Association

          Word Association

• Holistic: To focus on the whole instead
  of compartmentalizing or viewing a
  theory, topic, or subject (or person) as
  composed of separate parts.
Word Association

         Word Association

• Immersion: Education; A method of
  language or experience-based teaching
  that involves being completely engaged
  in concentrated studies.
Word Association

         Word Association

• Multi-cultural: relates to the
  understanding of health is a term
  describing many cultures coexisting in a
  specified area without any one culture
  dominating health attitudes, concepts,
  and/or practices.
  Word Association

           Word Association
• Liberal Multi-Culturalism: embracing the
  concept that various cultures relate to and
  interact with one another without regard to
  power hierarchies; acknowledging ethnic
  variety and practicing tolerance without regard
  for external or internal influences. For
  example, if one adopts a global understanding
  of health, healing and wellness without regard
  for societal differences within each of the
  various cultures, one is adopting a liberal view
  of multi-culturalism.
  Word Association

           Word Association
• Critical Multi-Culturalism: concerned with
  ‘majorities’ and ‘minorities’ and the existence
  of inequity within societies based on power
  and hierarchy. For example, recognizing that a
  comprehensive understanding of health,
  healing and wellness includes societal
  differences based on ‘majorities’ and
  ‘minorities’ ‘power’ and hierarchies. Therefore,
  institutions and societal practices may differ
  based on more than ethnic variety alone.
  Word Association

          Word Association

• Multi-Disciplinary: studying or using
  several specialized subjects or skills.
Seminar Focus
            Seminar Focus

Virtual Fieldtrip to Panama:
         Seminar Question

• What do you need to know about the
  verbal communication practices of
  Panamanians in order not to violate
  social taboos?
         Seminar Question

• As a health and wellness professional
  working in Panama, part of your cultural
  immersion experience require you to
  attend a religious service. Which type of
  service would you want to attend? Why?
          Seminar Question

• What role does religious affiliation play in
  the lives of Panamanians and how does
  this affect health practices?
                Wrap Up
Unit 2 Quiz
• 55 minutes
• You may take the quiz only once
• 7 questions
  • Matching, True/False, and Multiple Choice
• Covers issues related to cultural and
                 Wrap Up
• Questions?
  • I will remain online to answer questions
    related to tonight’s seminar.
  • Other questions:
    • Email Instructor:

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