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 T. J. Incorporated (TJ Inc) is an 8(a) certified small business providing custom
 manufacturing and technical support services. Technical support services
 include: engineering, logistics, IT, and foreign military sales. The company
 was established in 1993 and our highly skilled workforce has a proven record
 of performance in the design, manufacturing, upgrade, and relocation of
 complex training and simulation systems. We also produce aircraft support
 equipment. We provide engineering and logistic documentation, provisioning,
 training and field services support for the systems and equipment that we
 produce. TJ Inc customers include the military branches of the Department of
 Defense and Industry. Our facilities are located in Christmas, Florida, just
 east of Orlando.

 Thank you for visiting our website. Please take time to browse the different
 links to the services areas. We have provided information and pictures of the
 devices and services that we specialize in. We are pleased to provide you
 this information and would be happy to discuss any of your specific

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