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					               Welcome to the Rolling ads

                    The ads will run every Friday
                         (unless I am away)

    In that case they will either run on the Thursday before or the
                            Monday following

     Please e-mail me your information on a power point tile or
                         a word document

You can now see the Rolling ads on the Town of Watson Lake Website!

       If there are no new ads they will NOT be sent that week

      If you have any questions please call Alyssa @ 536-8020
Looking for your feedback!!

1. Do you think the Rec Centre should be
   open on Sunday’s?

2. If so what do you think are reasonable
   hours to be open?

We are open 15.5 hours a day… Monday
to Friday (8am to 11:30pm) and 8 hours
on Saturdays (10am to 6pm)

    For a total of 85.5 hours per week
    Christmas Party

          OFFICE @ 1:00 pm

       WITH A BABY UNDER 1 yr.

We will be having a turkey dinner and gifts as
well as talking about what YOU would like to
 like see happen in the program this coming

                 Lotteries Yukon

Watson Lake Community Lotteries Program is available to all Watson
  Lake area non profit organizations

New Guideline and application forms available at the Rec Centre
Deadlines for applications are January 15th, May 15th and September
                Calling all Curlers

                                   watson lake curling club
                                           December 14, 2013
                                                @ 7pm
                                       in the curling lounge

                                       everyone welcome
     Season Opening Bonspiel       we are always looking for
         Dec 13-14, 2013                  new members

Bring a team or come and join a team
         Everyone Welcome
   Curling has started for the 2013 Season

Drop in is every Monday and Thursday @ 7pm

            Everyone Welcome
                                                                        Rules and Requirements:
                                                                        All contestants will ‘weigh in’ and have
                                                                        measurements taken at the beginning of the
                                                                        challenge. This will NOT be public, only I will
                                                                        know your results!

                                                                        After the initial weigh in and measurements there will
                                                                        be one every week on a specified day. These will not
                                                                        be public either.

                                                                        Results will be measured in percentage to make it
                                                                        fair, as we are all different weights and sizes

                                                                        There will be an entry fee of $100/person The
                                                                        challenge will run for 3 months/90 days with mini-
                                                                        wins every month.

                                                                        The BIGGEST LOSER will be the final winner at the
                                                                        end with a CASH PRIZE! The more to enter the
                                                                        bigger the prize!

  WATSON LAKE                                                           I will supply packages with information on healthy
                                                                        meal options and substitutes as well as work
                                                                        out programs for maximum weight loss.
        EDITION!                                                        Have fun, get healthy and challenge yourself!

                               THE CONTEST WILL BEGIN:
                          SUNDAY, JANUARY 6TH @ THE RECPLEX
                           AND IT WILL END: SUNDAY, APRIL 6TH

Get fit and healthy while having fun with a little friendly competition and the chance of winning a
                                         CASH PRIZE!

                     Contact: Meaghen @ 536-8023/ fitness@watsonlake.ca
 The Learning Together Centre
            @ Johnson Elementary School
                    12:30 to 3pm
       Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

        All preschoolers are welcome (ages 0-5)

Sticky Days
v Ice Cream party
v Make a picture with sticky paper
v Paint with a lollipop
v Finger paint with something sticky
v Gym days- Tuesdays and Thursdays
The flu affects 10-25% of
  Canadians each year.
 While the majority who
become sick will recover,
   the flu results in an
    average of 20,000
   and 2,000 to 8,000
 deaths in Canada each
  The Flu vaccine
   offers the best
Get the shot not the
     Shorter days of fall and winter bothering you?

                 Missing the daylight?

Think you might have SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

                           Mental Health Services and
                         the Watson Lake Health Center
                             Light Therapy

                    As little as 15 minutes a day could help!
                       Call the Health Center at 536 5255
                               to speak to one of the
                         nurses and arrange a time that
                                suits your schedule
 Watson Lake Library
           Invites you
       To come and join us

     For Story Hour

Every Saturday from 1pm till 2pm
      Zumba started November 14, 2013.

   Every Thursday at 8pm @ the Rec Centre

   Our instructor was trained in Vancouver.

    This is open everyone of all shapes and
           Sizes. Wear comfy clothes

$5 per session or purchase a monthly or 10 time
         punch pass and come for free
        Every Monday & Wednesday
               6pm to 7pm

         Up stairs at the Rec Centre

$5 per class or you must have a monthly or 10
      time punch pass for the Rec Centre
If you are calling the Watson Lake Health Centre, here
   are the numbers to remember:

Watson Lake Health Centre – main line   536-5255
Child Development                       536-5254
Home Care                               536-5256
Fax line                                536-5258
             Dis & Dat Cafe
      New operators with a new menu

                     Open at 11am
                Lunch and Supper served


Eat in or Take out      Located in the Recreation Centre
      The Hours have changed!!

The Rec Centre will be open         Greyhound will be open

     Monday to Friday                   Monday to Friday
     8am to 11:30pm                      8am to Noon
         Saturday                       5pm to 11:30pm
       10am to 6pm
          Sunday                           10am to 6pm
                               If you require a ticket for Saturday’s
                              Bus you must come during our regular
                                          Business hours
Recreation Centre
hours of operation
  Monday to Friday
  8am to 11:30pm

    10am to 6pm

             Recreation Centre policy on
                Children and Youth

•   As you may all be aware all children coming to the recreation centre
    unsupervised must be 12 years of age or older. All children under 10
    must be supervised by someone 16+.

•   This does not include children registered with our after school
    program or any other children's program that may be going on.

•   All youth under 16 will not be allowed in the Rec Centre after 10pm
    on school nights. You have homework and you need your sleep!!
Greyhound Depot Hours
       Monday to Friday
 9am to Noon & 5pm to 11:30pm
(Closed between noon and 5pm)

        10am to 6pm

Greyhound Bus Schedule

NORTH BOUND BUS                         SOUTH BOUND BUS

From the South                                From the North
(Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake        (Whitehorse to Watson Lake
& Whitehorse)                                    & Ft. Nelson)

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday     Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Arrives @ 11:05pm                         Arrives @ 11:05pm
Leaves to Whitehorse @ 11:20pm         Leaves to Ft. Nelson @

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