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									The Black Death
          Logan Smith
 For Mrs. Waterbury – Gifted Ed
          May 7, 2008
The Black Death
          §   What was the
              Black Death?
          §   Could you avoid it?
          §   What caused it?
          §   Where did it
What was the Black Death?
              n   The black death was a
                  plague that almost wiped out
              n   If you had the black death
                  you would often throw up
                  and get bubo's (large
              n   If you got the black death
                  there was no way you could
                  stop it.
              n   Once you showed signs of
                  the plague, you were isolated
                  from your family.
Could you avoid it?
                 There was really no way to avoid
                 the plague, but medieval people
                 had their own remedies:
                 n   Keep mint or pennyroyal on your
                 n   Keep clothes in a cedar chest
                 n   Use plenty of soap.
                 n   Go to an isolated villa to avoid
                     contact with plague victims.
                 n   Get armies to do your bidding
                 n   Bloodletting – cut a vein or artery
                     to let the “BAD” blood out.
If we went back in time, we would:
n   Keep some clean clothes tightly folded and bound up in cloth treated with mint or
    pennyroyal, preferably in a cedar chest far from all animals and vermin.
n   At the first whisper of plague in the area, flee any populated town or village and head for
    an isolated villa, far from any trade routes, with your cedar chest.
n   Vigilantly clean every last corner of your villa, killing all rats and burning their corpses.
n   Use plenty of mint or pennyroyal to discourage fleas.
n   Allow no cats or dogs to come near you.
n   Once away from all human contact, wash in extremely hot water, change into your clean
    clothes, and burn the clothes you traveled in.
n   Keep a minimum distance of 25 feet from any other human being to avoid catching any
    pneumonic form spread through breathing and sneezing.
n   Bathe in hot water as frequently as you can.
n   Keep a fire burning in your villa to ward off the bacillus, and stay as close to it as you can
    stand, even in summer.
n   Have your armies burn and raze to the ground any nearby houses where plague victims
    have resided.
n   Pray to the deity or the saint of your choice frequently and fervently.
n   Stay where you are until six months after the most recent nearby outbreak.
What caused the Black Death?
               n   A flea bit a rat that was
                   infected with the plague.
               n   The flea later bit a
               n   The flea regurgitated the
                   rats blood into the
               n   The human got the
Where did it spread?
               n   There was a very serious
                   outbreak of the plague in
                   Europe in the 1300s.
               n   It targeted England,
                   France, Germany and
               n   One out of every 3 people
                   in Europe died from it.
               n   Its main target was
The Flagellants
            n   The flagellants were very
                religious people who
                thought that the plague
                was caused by evil spirits
                in their body.
            n   They thought if they
                whipped themselves or
                each other, the could drive
                the evil spirits out.
            n   They really only hurt
            n   It didn’t keep them from
                getting the plague!
The Black Death – a video
n info on the black death
    animated map of black death path in Europe
n -
    picture of nodes
n the account of a person who lived
    through the plague
    &blnSearchInit=true&Ntt=black+death&Nr= info on the black death
n - picture of man on rat
n - info and picture of a flea
n - info and picture of
    the flagellants
n front picture
n - where it spread

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