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									During the Literacy Assessment:                    attitude towards math will be      www.peel.edu.on.ca/index.htm
      Your child will demonstrate their
       levels of English language                    Additional Support
       proficiency in Oral
                                           Free services in many languages are also
       Communication, Reading and
                                           available at the
       Writing through play based and
                                           Welcome Centres:
       performance tasks
      Your child may also be asked to            Adult
       participate in a conversation,              education and
       describe or discuss pictures,               English classes
       listen to and retell a story, or           Computer access / Internet
       explain a diagram or concept                access to Peel resources
       from a familiar subject area               Employment, housing and health
                                                   care information
During the Math Assessment:
                                                  Information on Ontario’s

      Your child will demonstrate their           education system

       ability to work within time                Interpreters

       constraints in various areas of            Referrals to community

       math                                        settlement services

      Strategies used for problem
                                                      Helpful Websites                       Copeland Public School
       will be                                                                                   5 Young Drive
                                             Welcome to Ontario! (site material is
       watched                               available in more than 30 languages!)
       for                                    www.settlement.org/inmylanguage/
      Your
       child’s                               Welcome to the Peel District School
       general                               Board! (Choose your language on the
                                                right hand side of the page)
                                                     to help your child adjust to their   Orientation Interview you will be
                                                     new school                           asked to provide the following for
        Welcome to Copeland!                   We Welcome the World Centre                registration:

What happens now?                          Call for (or have our secretary make) an
                                                                                                Personal history
   Meet with the principal, ESL                          appointment:
                                                                                                Circumstances of immigration
      teacher and classroom teacher                      905-366-8791                           Previous educational experience
      to help you get oriented to the                                                            of your child
      school. Please let us know if you                                                         Proof of age (birth certificate,
      require an interpreter.                                                                    passport, Permanent Resident
                                           Welcoming diversity is one of the Peel                Card or record of landing)
During the initial meeting you will be                                                          Proof of address (utility bill,
                                           Board’s top priorities. All newcomer
provided with:                                                                                   purchase agreement or formal
                                           families with school aged children are                lease)
     A school handbook outlining all
                                           referred to one of three Welcome                     School documents if available
       school routines, procedures and
       contact information                 Centres for help in registering for                   (recent report cards or leaving
     A guided tour of the school          school and getting settled in Canada.                 certificate)
     A video from our media                                                                    Immunization records
       department, “Education in           At the Centre you will meet with trained
       Canada: A Newcomer’s                staff and take part in an orientation          In order to determine a suitable
       Introduction”                       interview so that we can better                program for your child that meets their
     The Learning Skills Parent           understand your child’s academic and           academic, social and developmental
       Handout outlining the                                                              needs, a Literacy and Math assessment
                                           social background
       expectations of the Ontario                                                        will be conducted at the Welcome Centre
       school system                       All information obtained by the Centre         at the time of your initial appointment.
                                           will be forwarded to your child’s new
Your child will be able to:
    Meet their classroom teacher
    See their classroom and the rest
       of the school
    Meet one of our student
       ambassadors who will be available

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