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At Tufts Health Plan, we know it’s important to
help our members achieve and maintain a healthy
weight. Being at a healthy weight can improve your
health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, like
diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

    Here is an overview of the programs and discounts
    we offer to help you get fit and stay healthy.

       Tools at mytuftshealthplan.com
Register at mytuftshealthplan.com and get instant, secure access
to your personal health plan information. You can use a variety of
health and wellness tools to help you manage your weight.

        Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
The PHA helps you learn whether you’re making healthy choices.
You can see how your choices are affecting your health, and
what you can do to feel even better and live healthier. We
encourage you to have your current health measures ready when
you fill in the PHA, such as weight and blood pressure. The PHA will
measure medical and lifestyle risk factors.

Medical risk factors include:       Lifestyle risk factors include:
} body mass index (BMI)             } physical activity
} blood pressure                    } whether you eat enough fruits
} cholesterol                         and vegetables

} triglycerides                     } dietary fat

} glucose                           } stress level
                                    } drinking alcohol
                                    } smoking

       Free Health Coaching
We offer specialized, one-on-one coaching to you after you’ve
completed a PHA if you meet certain characteristics related to
weight, physical activity, stress, and risk for heart disease and
diabetes. If you didn’t complete your PHA, you can still enroll in
health coaching - just visit mytuftshealthplan.com to enroll.

Members work with coaches for up to 12 months to achieve health
goals and to develop skills to use throughout their lives. You can
work with a coach by phone, email, or instant messaging.

       Educational Resources
Healthy Living Programs
These are 6-week online programs that you work on at your own
pace. They encourage you to work on small goals, one week at a time.
If you’ve completed the PHA, it will recommend personalized topics
just for you. Or you can choose to view any of 13 topics that interest
you, including:
} Weight Loss
} Get in Shape
} Healthier Diet

Healthwise Conversations
These interactive exercises give you a unique experience because
the information you get depends on the answers you give. Weight
management topics include:
} Fitness: Getting and Staying Active
} Healthy Eating
} Healthy Weight

Online Monthly Seminars
You can participate in an online seminar for a topic that might
interest you. New seminars are released monthly - examples of
seminars include:
} Biggest Winner
} Fat or Fit?
} Get Out and Get Moving!

Multi-media Web Content
Other resources and tools available online include:
} Nutrition Facts
} Recipe Finder
} Meal Planner
} Fitness Planner with exercises
} Progress Trackers (nutrition, exercise, weight)

     Healthwise Knowledgebase
The Healthwise® Knowledgebase, available at tuftshealthplan.
com, offers support when you’re thinking about making changes
to your weight and your lifestyle. You can find answers to your
health questions and access Learning Centers for information about
specific topics.

Learning Centers                    Educational Content
} Healthy Eating: get tips about    } Adjustable Gastric Banding
  nutrition, healthy eating, and      Surgery
  physical activity.                } Obesity
} Weight Management: Learn          } Obesity: Should I Use a Diet
  how to balance how much             Plan to Lose Weight?
  you eat with how much you
  exercise and get information      } Obesity: Should I Have
  about nutrition, how to             Weight-Loss Surgery?
  maintain a healthy weight,        } Obesity: Should I Take Weight-
  weight loss, and health risks       Loss Medicine?
  due to excessive weight.          } Health Problems Associated
} Fitness and Exercise: how-to        With Adult Obesity
  information about physical        } Measuring Your Waist
  activity for everyone. Includes
                                    } Nutrition and Physical Activity
  information on walking for
  wellness, reducing back pain,     } Nutrition, Making a Healthy
  and maintaining a healthy           Eating Plan
  weight.                           } Overweight Child
                                    } Physical Activity as a Family:
Interactive Tools
                                      Quick Tips
} Do Your BMI and Waist Size
                                    } Physical Activity at Home:
  Increase Your Health Risks?
                                      Quick Tips
} How Many Calories Did You
                                    } Physical Activity, Fitting into
                                      Your Day: Quick Tips
                                    } Weight Management

      Member Discounts
Tufts Health Plan offers discounts on a broad array of healthy extras to
help you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. To learn more,
go to mytuftshealthplan.com Æ My Coverage Æ Member Discounts

Fitness Center Discounts
Receive a 20% discount on your annual membership at any participating
fitness center with no initiation or joining fee. Or pay a small co-payment
at each visit for up to five visits a month. Some members can receive a
fitness rebate of $150 or three months of membership, depending on
plan design. All you have to do is be a member of both Tufts Health Plan
and a qualifying fitness center for four consecutive months. The rebate
applies one time per family, one time per year.

With Nutrisystem’s 28-day program, you get breakfast, lunch, dinner,
and snacks delivered right to your door. The meals and snacks offer
the right amount of food and nutrition to help you with your weight
loss goals. You can also work with weight loss counselors, and get
activity plans, tools and trackers to help you stay on your program.
Tufts Health Plan members receive the following discounts/benefits
from Nutrisystem:
} 12% discount off the current promotion price of the Core or Select
  program ($28–$43 monthly savings)
} Plans for many lifestyle types, including vegetarians and diabetics

Curves® Discounts
Get half-off your joining or initiation fee and one month’s free
membership after making 12 consecutive monthly membership
payments at a participating Curves weight-loss center.

New Balance Discount–Mashpee
Tufts Health Plan members receive a 15% discount on all products
throughout their store including fitness-related apparel, footwear,
and accessories (excluding therapeutic shoes for diabetics).

Jenny Craig
Jenny Fits Your Life! Pick a program that works with you, not
against you! With MyDays™, a flexible, new weight loss choice that
gives you the structure you need to stay on track and the freedom
to live your life. Eat 5 days with Jenny and 2 days of your own
healthy choices. Your consultant will help you find the program that
fits your real life.

As a Tufts Health Plan member, you can choose one of these
discounted offers from Jenny Craig:
} FREE 30-Day Program*, or
} 30% off of the Jenny All Access Membership*

Visit www.jennycraig.com/orgcode=thp to register and unlock your
discounts. Then call 1-877-Jenny70 to get started.

*Plus the cost of food. Plus the cost of shipping, if applicable. Valid at participating centers
and through Jenny Anywhere. No cash value. One offer per person. Not valid with any other
program offers or discounts. Restrictions apply.

Nutritional Counseling
Receive a 25% discount on unlimited office visits with a Tufts
Health Plan network registered dietician or licensed nutritionist.
Registered dieticians and licensed nutritionists can provide
preventive nutritional and dietary information, as well as
professional counseling for safe weight management.

Save up to 40% online for “healthy” products such as vitamins,
supplements, energy bars, fitness videos, yoga products and more.
Additional discounts include fitness and lifestyle coaching.

Wellness Education
Receive a 30% discount on wellness seminars and workshops at
many network hospitals and fitness centers. Topics may include
nutrition education. No referral is needed. Just show your member
ID card to receive the discount.
             The information and resources discussed in
             this guide are for educational purposes only
             and are not intended to replace the care that
             is being prescribed for you by your health care
             providers. We encourage you to share this
             information with your health care providers.
             Before beginning any new treatment, exercise,
             or nutrition regimen or if you have questions
             regarding a medical condition or treatment,
             always seek the advice of your health care
             provider, or in an emergency, call 911 or go to
             the nearest medical facility.

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