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Weight Management Program Qualifications - Total Health Care


									                                       Weight Management Program
In a continuing effort to provide our members with quality service, Total Health Care has developed a free 12 week
Weight Management Program through Weight Watchers®. Please note the physician’s remuneration is not
affected. This program is designed to assist our members in making healthy lifestyle changes. The program is
geared toward individuals 10 years old and older with high BMI’s. When a physician identifies a patient that is a
candidate for weight management, Total Health Care requests that the primary care physician submit a prescription
requesting that the member attend Weight Watchers®.

    The prescription MUST include:
           Member’s name
           Total Health Care ID number
           Date of Birth
           Height and Weight
           Body Mass Index (BMI)
           Co-morbidities (medical conditions, if any).
            For children ages 10 - 16, include normal weight for the child based on their age and height!

                The prescription can be faxed to (313) 748-1368

                The prescription can be scanned and then e-mailed to

                The prescription can be mailed to the Weight Management Coordinator at:
                                             Total Health Care, Inc.
                                        3011 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 1600
                                               Detroit, MI 48202

If eligible, the member will be sent a contract to sign and mail back in the envelope provided. (The
signed contract can also be faxed to the number above). Once the contract is received, Weight Watchers®
will mail the member a 12 week paid invoice with a Weight Watchers® Thinline magazine. (The magazine
will include a list of all the Weight Watchers locations and meeting times).

For more information or to listen to a detailed voicemail message, please call (313) 871-7815. For details
pertaining to the Weight Watchers® program and services, please visit ://
                                              Useful links
    CDC Department of Health and Human Services BMI calculator for adults
    CDC Department of Health and Human Services BMI calculator for children and teens

    CDC Department of Health and Human Services BMI chart for boys

    CDC Department of Health and Human Services BMI chart for girls

    Food Guide Pyramid for young children (2 to 6 years old)

    The Food Guide Pyramid for Children


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