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									HKMM Weekend Talks
Join us at the HKMM on weekend afternoons to find out more about Hong Kong’s colourful maritime story. These talks relate to
the Special Exhibition Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World – The Selden Map and Other Treasures from the University of Oxford.
Free, with admission to the Museum ($30 adults ; seniors & students $15)

                                                                                           SUNDAY March 23rd (in English),
                                                                                           2pm to 3:15pm
                                                                                           THE SELDEN MAP OF CHINA:
                                                                                           REINTERPRETING CHINA'S
                                                                                           RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WORLD
                                                                                           Richard Ovenden, Bodley's Librarian,
                                                                                           University of Oxford and
                                                                                           Rana Mitter,Professor of the History and Politics of
                                                                                           Modern China, Director of the Oxford China Centre,
                                                                                           University of Oxford.

                                                                                           The Selden Map of China has been part of the collections
                                                                                           of the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford for over
                                                                                           350 years, but recent conservation work and new
                                                                                           scholarship is highlighting its significance as a major source
                                                                                           for re-evaluating our understanding of China’s commercial
                                                                                           relationships with Asia and the wider world. The Map also
                                                                                           sheds new and valuable light on the beginnings of cultural
                                                                                           and intellectual connections between China and the United

SATURDAY         April 26th (in Cantonese), 2:30pm to 4:00pm                                            Speaker : Tam Kwong Lim ,Managing Director
                                                                                                                            of Kingstar Shipping Ltd.
THE SELDEN MAP AND CHINESE MARITIME TRADING ROUTES                                                           Chairman of Advisory Board of History,
IN THE LATE 16TH TO EARLY 17TH CENTURY                                                                                Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

In the late Ming Dynasty, under pressure from the coastal provinces to open up, the Court in Beijing eventually in 1567 lifted the 200 year old ban on
maritime trade permitting Chinese ships to trade overseas from the port of Zhangzhou, in southern Fujian. Traders needed to apply for a permit,
giving details of the import and export cargoes involved, number of seamen and passengers onboard and most importantly of all, the ship's
destination port. A record of these permits allows researchers to map out the trading patterns of Chinese sailing ships of that era, which appears to fit
well into the trade routes meticulously drawn on the Selden Map.

SATURDAY         May 3rd (in English), 2:30pm to 4:00pm                                                 Speaker: James K. Chin, Board Director, Hong
                                                                                                                        Kong Maritime Museum Ltd.
THE HOKKIEN MERCHANTS IN HISTORICAL MARITIME ASIA                                                                                     Editor-in-Chief,
See HKMM website for details                                                                                      Journal of Maritime History Studies

SATURDAY May 24th (in Mandarin, supplemented with Cantonese),                                            Speaker: Chan Kai Wing,Tenured consultant,
2:30pm to 4:00pm                                                                                       The China Society for Maritime History Studies.
                                                                                                           Research Fellow, Collaborative Innovation
TRADE ROUTES AND SAILING MAPS IN IMPERIAL CHINA                                                                   Center for South China Sea Studies

Chinese travellers, such as Hsu Fu (a court magician in the Qin dynasty), had sailed overseas since the Qin and Han dynasties. They discovered and
recorded routes from China to Japan and to India and started to map the South China Sea. Skills for mapping the South China Sea developed in the
Ming and Qing dynasties helped in the drawing of the Selden Map of China and other Chinese Navigational Maps. Compasses and sea route guides
were used by the Chinese for navigation from the Song dynasty. Chan Kai Wing introduces the trade routes, sailing maps and sea route guides used
in China and compares the achievements of the Chinese and the Europeans.

SATURDAY         June 21st (in English), 2:30pm to 4:00pm                               Speaker: Fung Kam Wing, Zhu Kezhen History of Science
                                                                                               Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
CHARTING THE EASTERN AND WESTERN OCEANS:                                                                           Associate Professor, School of
THE MAKING OF MARITIME CARTOGRAPHY IN EAST ASIA                              (1500-1700)                       Chinese, University of Hong Kong

Prior to the introduction of Portuguese maritime maps to East Asia, East Asian people had used their traditional maritime cartographic skills to chart
the western Pacific and Indian oceans. This talk describes the East Asian tradition of seafaring, nautical cartographic map-making and the navigational
instruments employed during maritime voyages. Maritime cartographic maps made by East Asian, Islamic and Western map-makers in the sixteenth
and seventeenth centuries will also be discussed.

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