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August 19, 2010

From: Mike Berthelsen, AVP

To:         AEL List
            BRIDGE Members

RE:         Weekend Standards - Frequently Asked Questions


After our last communication regarding Weekend Building Standards we received a lot of good questions.
Below you will find a series of responses to these Frequently Asked Questions. As we continue to
evaluate service delivery to the campus, we need your input into how we can both meet your
programmatic needs and reduce University costs. This is one of our efforts to provide ‘just right’ space
and services and not keep open many more buildings and rooms than are needed to meet campus needs.
Our commitment is to meet the program needs of University programs. Thank you for helping us to do

Mike Berthelsen
Associate VP, Facilities Management

Why are we doing this?
The new weekend standards are intended to accomplish several objectives:

       1.   Provide and support space needs for University mission
       2.   Improve security
       3.   Reduce energy use
       4.   Reduce operational costs

What buildings are you focusing on?
We are focusing on those buildings that contain primarily office and classroom space. Clinics and
research space should not be impacted.

What buildings will be open to the general public?
Besides the eight weekend classroom buildings, buildings housing clinics, performance spaces, athletic
venues, recreational sports facilities, libraries, student unions and museums will also remain open.

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Will I still be able to get into my building?
While buildings closed to the general public will have reduced weekend fan schedules, this does not
prevent faculty or staff from entering their office and research space, provided they have key or card
access. They will need to be prepared for warmer or cooler temperatures (depending on the season) then
expected during business hours. Because many Academic Health Center buildings must operate on
weekends because of the mix of clinics, research labs, and educational spaces, they will continue to
operate as usual this fall. We will work with the AHC over the next several months to see if more
restricted weekend hours might be possible in some of their buildings beginning next Spring Semester.

When will these standards go into effect?
The standards will have a rolling implementation. Starting September 1, 2010 weekend events (e.g. a
student group meeting) requiring a General Purpose Classroom will be focused within these selected

        Amundson                               Classroom Office                         Hanson
        Blegen                                  Building                                 Science Teaching &
        Carlson School of                      EECS/Keller                               Student Services
         Management                             Ford

Classes which have already been scheduled for the first semester will not be moved, however, second
semester scheduling will consolidate activity into the weekend eight buildings. Should the demand
warrant, additional second tier buildings will be added so that we can meet the University’s academic

How will exceptions be handled?
With an institution as diverse as the University, one size rarely fits all. There are two kinds of exceptions,
a single occurrence (e.g. a competition, conference) and on-going programming (e.g. a class with a lab
component that requires adjacencies to a classroom throughout the semester). Exception requests can be
made online ( or via the
accompanying PDF form. Please do not submit both online and print requests.

For single occurrences – Submit exception form to FM Call Center two weeks prior to the weekend
event. FM will consult with OCM to review available weekend resources for accommodation of the
event. If facilities within the weekend eight buildings cannot meet the need, then the requested space will
be granted an exception. If it is determined that the need could be met within the eight buildings, a
requester will be offered the choice of having their activity in the weekend eight building free or hosting it
in the requested space for an additional charge.

The following rates, plus any applicable taxes, will be charged depending on the number of rooms
reserved within the same building.*

        Classroom(s) rented                  1-7                    8-14                    14-21**
        Fee                                 $282                    $565                     $848
         *Academic activities with an assigned course number are exempt from this fee.
         **Events requiring more than 21 rooms will receive a custom proposal.

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On-going programming – Submit exception form to FM Call Center two weeks prior to the first
weekend event date. The request must first be approved by the appropriate Dean or someone the Dean
designates to OCM as her/his designee.

How were these buildings chosen?
Determination of the building list is based on average historical use trends and logistical distribution. The
selected group offers a wide mix of functionality, space size, and layout options.

How can I find out quickly what buildings are open and when?
We will be working with University Relations to add building hours to the campus map pages.

Will this change what parking areas are open and when?
The weekend standards will not impact parking.

Does this affect any general student study spaces?
Keeping some buildings closed on the weekend will reduce some study spaces, however, general student
study space in the selected buildings will continue to be available for student use. General Purpose
classrooms located in the selected buildings also serve as informal student study space when not formally
scheduled on weekends. University Libraries and Student Unions are also available on weekends. The
University is working with University Relations to add Student Study Space location information to the
interactive campus map system.

What about the tunnels between buildings?
The tunnels are handled on a case by case basis.

What is the AEL list?
AEL stands for Administrative E-mail Lists and is University Relation’s updated version of the former
Deans, Directors and Department Heads list. For more information please see

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