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					Helpful tips on how to monetize your website
Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit

Do you know that you can make passive income just by building your own website? Making money with your website is easy if you know how. There are other ways on how to monetize your website aside from the ppc advertising. Below are just some of the ways you can use on your own site and watch as your earnings surpass your expectations. PPC Advertising Networks MSN and Yahoo offer this type of network, although Google Adsense is the most popular of the bunch. To join ppc advertising or pay per click networks, you have to sign up and get the codes from the provider. Paste the codes on to your website and you are done. The codes will allow the network to place ads on your website relevant to its contents. You will earn when a visitor of yours click the ad placed on your site. The higher the traffic that clicks through the ad, the higher your earning will be. One of best examples of ppc network is CPM Advertising Network The CPM behaves like the PPC networks except that instead of being paid by the number of click, you get paid by the number of impressions (page views) that the ads displayed on your site will generate. CPM stands for cost per thousand or cost per mille. You get paid a certain amount for every 1,000 impressions or page views your site receives. So for example, your site has 10,000 page views monthly, and your CPM costs $1, then your monthly earning is $10. The CPM rates depend on the network you signed up for, the place of the ads in your site and its size format. Popular CPM advertising networks are, and Direct Banner Advertising If you want to cut out the middlemen and to determine your own advertising rates, then you can place ad space on your own site and manage it as well. Some of the most common banner ad formats are 728x90 leaderboard, 120x600 skyscraper, 300x250 rectangle and 125x125 button. You get to earn more profit this way only if you manage the ads well and only if your site is well known enough to attract well paying advertisers. To know more about direct banner advertising, you can visit, and Affiliate Marketing

This affiliate marketing method is practiced by advertisers and publishers to make money online. This method allows the publishers to directly or indirectly sell the product or service of the merchants on a commission basis. Affiliate marketing is also known as cost per action or CPL affiliates. Some popular affiliate networks are,, and Sponsored Reviews This method is pioneered by PayPerPost. Not soon after, a whole lot of websites followed and became known just like ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews. This method works perfectly for bloggers out there. Once you joined sponsored reviews, they will give you the opportunity to write a review about a particular product or website and you get paid for it. Some shy away from this practice because they see it as unethical, while others are participating and making a lot of money out of it. If you want to join, then visit,, and today. Conclusion It is apparent that there are numerous ways to maximize your revenues or income by using your own website. The above mentioned are few such cases that can always be tried out by you to make money out of your site. Though the results are slow to come by on most occasions, you can still be rest assured that they will come by sooner or later.
Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit

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