Getting Targeted Traffic by using Long Tail Keywords

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					Catch the attention of your Targeted Traffic by using Long Tail Keywords
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As the importance of having a website as a strategic marketing tool become more and more recognized by businesses, small and big alike, the competition for keywords are getting fiercer as well. Sites who cannot keep up in the online business industry are seeing their traffic and search engine positioning go down every month. Increase in keyword competition also means higher cost for pay per click or ppc keywords. The Technique by Long Tail Keywords: Step-by-Step guide Keep in mind, in every problem, there is a solution. In this case, there is still a way you can get back on better search positioning, pay less for your ppc keywords and get more qualified targeted traffic at the same time. This untapped technique is made possible by using long tail keywords. There are some essential tools that can be used to find long tailed keywords. Few of them include: QueryAds and KeywordSpy. Step 1: Instead of focusing on the general keywords that people use to search for information over the internet, turn your attention to the extended or natural phrases people type into the search box to get more accurate result. The long tail keyword is popularized by Wired Magazine’s editor, Chris Anderson and has been very useful for a lot of sites ever since. For example, instead of typing the word ‘gardening’ into the search box, people are being more specific nowadays. So they type in ‘growing a vegetable garden’ or ‘landscape and gardening ideas’. Web users figured out that if they type in more specific words in their search, the better the chance that they will find what they are specifically looking for. Site owners should acknowledge this fact and take advantage of it. Maximizing the Potential Step 2: Websites utilizing long tail keywords benefit in a lot of ways. Since you get only the traffic that is most interested in what you offer, the traffic to sale conversion rate will become higher. The search positioning of the website will also go up since there are less competition for these keywords. Another benefit is that you pay less for your ppc keywords. If you are still clueless on how to implement and choose long tail keywords, this article will tell you how. Step 3: You can use free tools in the internet to help you out such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Both tools will provide you with the top keyword searches your traffic commonly uses to get to your website. It will also give you your site’s ranking position in the search result pages for every keyword. Both the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool are very useful not only in researching for these keywords but also for your site tracking and search engine optimization also.

Conclusion Last Step: If you think you got all the long tail keywords you need, then the next step is to implement it into your website. The specialized keywords should be incorporated into your Page Titles, Meta keywords, and META descriptions and throughout your page copy. To achieve better results, you can use H1, H2, H3, STRONG, B, I and EM tags in your keywords and phrases when possible. Make the long tail keywords flow naturally through the text and it should be relevant to the page contents.
Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit

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