Targeted Traffic by using Long Tail Keywords

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					The advantage in using Long Tail Keywords
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When you want to search for something over the internet, you typically go to the search engines and type in the word or phrase you are looking for. These words or phrases are called as Keywords. So, if you are looking for tips on family photographs, you will most likely type in the keywords family photograph, photography tips and taking photos and so on. Some websites offer tools to help you figure out what are the top keywords for a specific topic. The Wordtracker is an example of such keywords research tool. If you use this tool to search popular keywords for the search tips on family photographs, you will find that those mentioned earlier are the top key word searches. This means that the keywords are quite popular and commonly used. So if you are planning to build a website on the said topic, better refrain from using those keywords for you will have a hard time staying on top of Google search result pages. The Competitive World of Keywords Why, you ask? It is because the competition for general keywords is quite fierce. The more websites use those keywords, the more competition you will have. So in order to have an edge against the competition, you should avoid general keywords and find an alternative, like using long tail keywords. If we use the example above and we search for the more competitive keywords relating to it, then we would arrive at night time photography tips, eliminate blinking from photos and removing red eye from photos. These are the long tail keywords for the topic tips on family photography. If you have a business and you know very well what is your targeted traffic or your niche markets are; then use long tail keywords. It is more targeted to a specific sub topic and you will have less competition when using it. This way, it is a lot easier to put your website on top of the search engine results. The Advantages You do not want to bring in just any traffic into your site; you would like those visiting in your site to be really interested in what you have to offer. This is the advantage of long tail keywords since it brings you your specific targeted traffic. If a bunch of people surfing the net are looking for ways to eliminate blinking from photos and they stumble upon your site, and if you are able to give them the information they are looking for; then you immediately build trust and confidence with them. When your visitors are happy to visit your site for it gives them entertainment and useful tips, then they will be happy to sign up for your newsletter, registration or even make purchases from you.

Conclusion If you are an advertiser and you want value for your money when you join pay per click campaigns, use long tail keywords. Not only will you get more target specific traffic with your ppc, there is more chance that your traffic will purchase from your site as well. Start your search for long tail keywords now and reap the benefits.

Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit