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Is your pay per click advertising campaigns performing


									Is pay per click advertising campaign right for your business? Know the Pay per click Pros and cons
Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit

Pay per click is a sort of internet advertising used on websites where the advertisers have to pay their host when their ad is clicked. In search engines, advertisers bid on the keyword phrases which are relevant to their targeted market. However in content sites it is based on fixed price per click and not the traditional bidding system. It is an approach which is used before Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns taking effect. However some people and sources argue that pay per click marketing can stand alone without SEO and can be a vital part of any SEO campaign. Things to be considered for proper utilization of the pay per click campaign  Proper utilization of keywords is the prime factor that can decide the listing of your page. In other words select the keyword that has limited competition but sky-scraping search results in the major search engines, as these keywords will decide the result of your website being listed in the first page of the search engine or vice versa. Once this is done decide your cost per click. Monitor your campaign daily to know the cost per conversion data. This is a vital part of your campaign because the advertisements that produce more traffic will be left and that with less or no traffic will be either deleted or its cost per click will be customized accordingly.

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While pay per click campaign is touted as the most effective marketing strategy, it also had its drawbacks. Read further to know the pay per click pros and cons   Pay per click ads can be created and set off at a much faster rate. While it is a known fact that organic search engine optimization takes a longer time to generate the same response. Getting listed in the top pages of the major search engines is quite tough as you cannot risk using keywords/phrases that are less competitive. However in pay per click campaign you can use keywords/phrases that have limited competition but high search results to increase the traffic to your business website. The search engines provide statistics through which you and compare your campaigns cost per conversion with other advertising and marketing tactics. The details of this statistics are generated at a much faster rate and are also very accurate. The pay per click campaigns is managed for you, so you can save your time and effort in managing the other important aspects of your business. And the best part is that these ads are modified according to your business needs, so it can be said that you can enjoy the dual benefit of incurring minimum cost for these campaigns and on the other hand maximize the response rate. Pay per click campaigns are not confined to a fixed term or contract, they can be withdrawn at ant point of time.

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Apart from the pros there are certain drawbacks associated to the pay per click campaign; these include cost and flow of traffic to your website. When you are in an industry where the competition is very high than the expected level, then cost of keywords become very expensive. Secondly, you can increase the traffic to your website as long as you pay for it, while in organic search engine optimization the traffic flow will be constant for years to come. Conclusion Now that you have an idea of pay per click pros and cons, you can consider either to use organic search engine optimization or pay per click campaign or both to take your business to the heights you have always dreamt of.

Article Author: Roderick Coleman For more pay per click articles visit

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