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YWCA of Asheville and Western North Carolina 2009-2010 by zhouwenjuan


									   YWCA of Asheville and Western North Carolina
            2009-2010 Annual Report

  Board of Directors        Program Highlights and Accomplishments
   Jessica Guzman                                                   Natural Learning Playground
    Vice President
                                                                The YWCA is one of only three Child
Nancy Ackermann Cole
                                                                Care Centers in North Carolina that
 2nd Vice President
                                                                were chosen to receive an NC State
Carmella Davis-Watkins
                                                                Natural Learning playground design.
 3rd Vice President
                                                                The new design, once implemented,
   Barbara Benisch
                                                                will encourage our children to move
                                                                more and spend extra time exploring
    Kathy Jackson
                                                                the natural world surrounding them.
    Spencer Butler
                            Five Stars for YWCA Programs
     Rachel Ansari           For the first time, the Child Care
      Leah Broker            Center achieved a 5-star rating,
    Meta Commerse           and for the third year in a row, the
       Judy Daniel         After School program maintained its
    Jacqui Friedrich        5-star rating! 5-stars is the highest
    Linda Iovacchini       rating given to programs by the NC
    Lourdes Lorenz            Division of Child Development,
     Jolene McGill           which issues licenses statewide.
   Chelsea McGowan
      Sara Phillips
  Georgia M. Shannon                                                    Green Jobs for Women
      Lynn Spaight
                                                                       The YWCA of Asheville is the
    Melissa Williams
                                                                    proud recipient of a grant from the
                                                                      Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.
                                                                    The YWCA will partner with Green
                                                                    Opportunities (GO) to prepare the
                                                                      community for green economic
YWCA of Asheville                                                      opportunities in a way that will
185 S. French Broad Ave.                                             include traditionally underserved
Asheville, NC 28801        FutureVision: A Model Program               populations, such as women.
T: 828-254-7206
F: 828-258-8731            The YWCA’s program that helps    at-risk teens stay in school was
EIN #: 56-0547476           cited by the NC Department of
                             Public Instruction as a model
                              program for North Carolina.
                    Program Highlights and Accomplishments
                                          Rainbow in My Tummy

                                      In partnership with Mountain Area
                                       Child and Family Center, the YW
                                    Child Care Center has implemented
                                    Rainbow in My Tummy, which made
                                    sweeping change in our food service
                                     program. We are using more fresh
                                    produce and whole grains, and fewer
                                     processed products and additives.
                                     We are cooking more and opening
                                                  cans less!

    Stand Against Racism                                                   Diabetes Prevention

   Seventy-five organizations                                          Of the 40 people who started
  and sponsors participated in                                          last year, 39 are still active in
   the Stand Against Racism.                                             the program one year later.
    Events ranged from small                                             They are exercising at least
 private stands with just a few                                          twice per week, attending a
 people getting together to talk                                        weekly support group, eating
  about racism, to large public                                          healthier, losing weight, and
stands where a hundred people                                          are maintaining a stable blood
got to participate in discussions                                        glucose level. That’s at 92%
    on race in our community.                                                  completion rate!

                            2009-2010 Program Statistics
                                                 Diabetes            Health &              New
                                After    Child  Wellness &   Future Fitness/       Mother Choices/
                               School    Care   Prevention   Vision Aquatics        Love  Drop-In
   # Served                        257       92        130       118   2,300          114      376
   % Caucasian                      19      31         32        26          85        24          40
   % Hispanic                        7      18         12         9           6        12          28
   % African-American               73      35         56        56           7        58          25
   % Multi-racial                    1      16          --       10           1         6           7
   % Female                         50      50         75        63          70        75          62
   % Male                           50      50         25        37          30        25          38
   % Below poverty level            77      71         89       100           --      100           --
   % With a disability              16      11         14         --          --        --          2
   % Single-parent home             86      64          --       53           --       46          25
   % Non-traditional home           --       --         --       23           --       20           --
      The YWCA of Asheville’s administrative expenses were only 9.43% for 2009-10.
     This means that 90 cents out of every dollar went directly into our programs.

Thank You to our 2009-10
  Corporate Sponsors                                  2009-2010 Financials
2009-10 Presenting Sponsor        Revenues
Mission Hospitals
                                  Source                        Dollar Amount                  Percent
2009-10 Advocates                 Program Fees                  $1,712,953.51                   57.44%
                                  Grants*                         $714,417.13                   23.95%
Asheville Savings Bank
Bank of America                   United Way                      $245,493.96                    8.23%
CarePartners Health Services      Contributions                    $92,379.43                    3.10%
Clear Channel Radio               Fundraising                      $80,399.03                    2.70%
Keller Williams Realty            Corporate Sponsors               $62,690.00                    2.10%
Progress Energy
                                  Other Income                     $73,945.20                    2.48%
                                                                                             United Way
Sopie Magazine
Volvo Construction Equipment      TOTAL                         $2,982.008.26                  100.00%
                                                                                             Program Fees
Webb Insurance
Webb Investment Services          * Temporarily Restricted Revenue for Programs 2010-11: $272,561.00
2009-10 Sponsors                                                                             Corporate Sponsors
A-B Tech Community College
Asheville Regional Airport                                            United Way
                                                                      United Way             Contributions
                                                                      Program Fees
AVL Technology
                                                                      Program Fees
                                                                      Fundraising            Grants
                                                                      Corporate Sponsors
Bank of Asheville                                                     Fundraising            Other Income
Biltmore Iron & Metal Co., Inc.                                       Corporate Sponsors
                                                                      Other Income
Biltmore Oil Company
Eblen Short Stop Stores                                               Contributions
Broker & Hamrick, P.A.
Campbell Shatley, PLLC                                                Grants
David Gantt Law Offices           Expenses
Elly Wells Marketing
                                                                      Other Income
Exquisite Events & Consulting     Source                         Dollar Amount                 Percent
First Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
                                  Personnel                      $1,856,249.88                  66.71%
Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
Harrah’s Cherokee Casino          Program Expense                  $327,196.12                  11.76%
HomeTrust Bank                    Administration                   $125,888.60                    4.52%
Insurance Services of Asheville   Transportation                    $20,847.54                    0.75%
Jewels That Dance                 Fundraising                       $67,209.40                    2.42%
Judy Futch Consulting
                                  Occupancy                        $204,173.80                    7.34%
Kimmel Foundation
Lewis Real Estate                 Other Expense                    $181,043.61                    6.51%
                                                                                             Program Expense
Mail Management Services          TOTAL                          $2,782,608.53                 100.00%
Maria Roloff                                                                                 Administration
McGuire Wood & Bissett, P.A.
Mountain Xpress                                                                              Transportation
Oppenheimer, Inc.                                                      Personnel
Parsec Financial Management                                           Personnel
                                                                      Program Expense        Fundraising
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.                                                Administration
PSNC Energy                                                           Program Expense
Swannanoa Cleaners                                                    Fundraising
                                                                      Administration         Other Expense
Westville Pub                                                          Occupancy
WNC Community Health                                                  Transportation
                                                                      Other Expense
WNC Woman                                                             Fundraising
The YWCA would like to thank our
     2010-2011 Advocates

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