Singapore International Water Week is the global platform for water solutions. It brings
policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners together to address challenges,
showcase technologies, discover opportunities and celebrate achievements in the water
world. Comprising the Water Leaders Summit, Water Convention, Water Expo and Business
Forums, it culminates in the presentation of the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, a prestigious
international award to recognise outstanding contributions in solving global water issues.

Singapore International Water Week 2012
In the face of global urbanisation and climate challenges, the 2012 theme “Water Solutions
for Liveable and Sustainable Cities” reinforces the pressing need to integrate sustainable
water management strategies into the urban planning process.

Held from 1 to 5 July 2012 in conjunction with the 3rd World Cities Summit and the inaugural
CleanEnviro Singapore, delegates, trade visitors and exhibitors will have more opportunities
to promote practical and sustainable water solutions and tap into a vast network of public
and private sector players in urban solutions.

Singapore International Water Week‟s flagship programmes comprise:
    Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize
    Water Leaders Summit
    Water Convention
    Water Expo
    Business Forums

Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize
The Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize was launched in 2008 to honour outstanding contributions
by individuals or organisations towards solving the world's water problems by applying
innovative technologies or implementing policies and programmes which benefit humanity.

Water Leaders Summit
The Water Leaders Summit is an arena for influential stakeholders to engage in focused
dialogues aimed at good governance, innovative technology and sound financing strategies.
Highlight of the 2012 Water Leaders Summit include:
     In Conversation- a dialogue with prominent world leaders on global sustainability
     Joint Opening Plenary: Governance and Leadership for Liveable and Sustainable
       Cities. Held jointly with World Cities Summit, the plenary addresses strategic cross-
       cutting policy and governance issues on urban solutions, with a focus on water.
     Prize Lectures by the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize and World City Prize 2012
     Water Leaders Roundtable on Water Planning for Sustainable and Liveable Cities,
       jointly organised with the International Desalination Association
     Water Leaders Summit Workshops - Two parallel sessions organised jointly with
       Black and Veatch and Siemens; titled ““Unlocking Innovation - Advancing the Water
       Industry through Portfolio Planning, Policies and Project Delivery” and ““Cutting Edge
       Water Technologies for Sustainable Cities” respectively

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Water Convention 2012
Water Convention continues its focus on case studies and practical applications along four
main themes:
1. Delivering Water from Source to Tap
2. Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management
3. Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions
4. Water Quality & Health

Delegates can look forward to yet another fruitful visit as the successful Hot Issues
Workshop returns on 1 July 2012. Each of these 3-hour workshops will focus on the main
themes; and are designed to be highly interactive, with panel discussions to facilitate two-
way exchanges of ideas on „hot‟ or new and emerging issues in Asia. The Workshops are
open to all Water Leaders Summit and Water Convention delegates.

Water Expo
SIWW‟s Water Expo is a major trade show on innovations, products and services. Delegates
and visitors can look forward to:
    A dynamic marketplace to meet key players and influencers from the water – industry
        with opportunities to forge cross-industry partnerships.
    A one-stop platform for integrated solutions for water, urban and environmental
        challenges; held in conjunction with World Cities Summit Expo and CleanEnviro
        Summit Singapore‟s WasteMET Asia Expo
    Launch@SIWW; a showcase of innovation where new products and technologies
        make their regional and international debut.
    Expanded exhibit portfolio with Trenchless Asia 2012. Visitors to Water Expo will also
        be able to view new innovations, machinery, and products on trenchless technologies.
    Optimized return on investment with international group participation, forming
        pavilions to simplify your search for sustainable solutions.
    A cost-effective way to promote the latest products and services in sustainable water

Business Forums
The Business Forums offer industry leaders an extensive spread of business networking,
partnership information and lucrative deal-making opportunities across the global markets.

Other new and revamped programme highlights include:

2nd TechXchange Workshop
The 2nd TechXchange Workshop returns in 2012 with a full-day programme on 1 July.
Invited attendees from the investment community can expect to network and exchange ideas
in water and wastewater related technologies. Highlights of the workshop also include
business pitches from innovators, targeted business matchmaking, panel sessions and
prototype displays at the Water Expo.

This is a key event for innovators and investors across the globe to meet and explore
opportunities for the commercialization of promising technologies in the water industry.

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Industrial Water Solutions Forum
The inaugural Industrial Water Solutions Forum examines challenges faced by industrial
sectors, such as energy and manufacturing, in water management and how innovative
solutions could address such challenges. Global leaders from industrial water-users and
water solutions can network and exchange knowledge. Participants can expect an intensive
exchange on the risks and challenges for large industrial water users and opportunities for
current water solutions providers in industrial water management.

Founding Sponsors
1. Asahi Kasei                                11. Mitsubishi Rayon
2. Black & Veatch                             12. Moya Dayen
3. Boustead Salcon Water Solutions Pte        13. MWH
    Ltd                                       14. PWN Technologies
4. CDM                                        15. Sembcorp Industries Ltd
5. CH2MHILL                                   16. Siemens Water
6. Hyflux                                     17. Suez Environment
7. ITT Corporation                            18. Toray
8. Keppel Corporation                         19. United Engineers Ltd
9. Memstar Technology Ltd                     20. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
10. Mitsubishi Electric                           (SEA) Pte Ltd

Strategic Partners
1. International Water Association
2. International Desalination Association
3. Institute of Water Policy, Lee Kuan
   Yew School of Public Policy
4. Singapore Water Association
5. Asian Development Bank
6. World Bank

International Supporting Organisations
1. National Association of Water and          12. Maryland Asia Environmental Partnership
    Sanitation Utilities of Mexico            13. South East Asian Water Utilities Network
2. Asia Pacific Water Forum                   14. International Private Water Association
3. Japan Water Forum                          15. Korea Water Forum
4. American Water Works Association           16. Water Environment Federation
5. Arab Water Council                         17. World Water Council
6. Australia Water Association                18. United Nations Human Settlements
7. Canadian Water and Wastewater                  Programme (UN-HABITAT)
    Association                               19. United Nations Economic & Social
8. China Desalination Association                 Commission (UN-ESCAP)
9. Confederation of Indian Industry           20. International Water Resources
10. Indian Water Works Association                Association
11. Municipalika India                        21. International Society for Trenchless

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Singapore-based supporting Organisations
1. Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore
2. Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore
3. Association of Process Industry
4. Singapore Business Federation
5. Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore
6. Singapore Chemical Industry Council Limited
7. Singapore Institute of Architects
8. Singapore Environment Council
9. Singapore Industrial Automation Association
10. Singapore Plumbing Society
11. Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers and Exporters Association
12. Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology
13. Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore
14. The Institution of Engineers Singapore
15. The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd
16. Tunnelling and Underground Construction Society (Singapore)
17. Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore


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