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simtect 2000 program.xls - Simulation Australia


									                                                                      Workshop Programme - SimTecT 2000

                                                                   Monday - 28th February, 2000
                            Stream 1                               Stream 2                               Stream 3                Stream 4
 Timings                     Room 1                                 Room 2                                 Room 3                  Room 4
0730 - 0915                                                                     Registration

0915 - 1030          Medical Applications                      HLA Applications             Training Approaches and Fidelity

              Dr Robert Johnston, Vice President for   Col Alexander Vankov, Dr John Best,
                                                                                                       Panel Discussion
                      Research, Cine-Med                         Dr Martin Stytz
1030 - 1050                                                                      Morning Tea
1050 - 1230
                                                                                            Training Approaches and Fidelity
                   Medical Applications (ctd)                HLA Applications (ctd)

1230 - 1330                                                                        Lunch

1330 - 1530                 SEDRIS                        Computer Generated Forces              Manufacturing Applications

                                                                                                 Dr Jerry Duncan, Senior Staff
                             DMSO                       Dr Martin Stytz & Dr Shiela Banks
                                                                                                 Engineer, Deere & Company
1530 - 1550                                                                    Afternoon Tea

1550 - 1730               SEDRIS (ctd)                 Computer Generated Forces (ctd)         Manufacturing Applications (ctd)

1730 - 1900                                                                        Break

   1900                                                            Social Activity - Welcome Reception
                                                                   Tuesday - 29th February, 2000
                              Stream 1                        Stream 2                            Stream 3                                 Stream 4
  Timings                   Tumbalong 1                     Tumbalong 2                         Promenade 4                              Promenade 6
0900 - 0915                                     Opening Address - Dr Richard Brabin-Smith, Chief Defence Scientist, DSTO
0915 - 1000                                           Key Note Address - Mr Alexander Vankov, D3 Group, GmbH
 1000-1030                                                                     Morning Tea
                            Applications                    Methodology                    Distributed Simulation                 Technology and Tools
                           Chair - Peter Hill            Chair - John Mitchell               Chair - Malcolm bell                 Chair - Helen Pongracic
1030-1100     Brief History Of Flight              Statistical Validation Of A Re- A Concept For A HLA                      Design Of A Reuseable
              Simulation                           Engineered Legacy               Compliant Propagation                    Systems Of Systems
                                                   Simulation                      Federate. Part 1. Using The              Architecture For Constructive
                                                                                   Object Class Structure                   Simulation

              Page, R.                             Pearman, J. & Dykman, D.            Best, J. & Luckman, N.               Arnott, S.

1100-1130     One Small Step For Man, One User Modeling For Modeling                   A Concept For A HLA                  Intelligent Filtering For
              Giant Leap For Man-In-The- And Simulation Application                    Compliant Propagation                Augmented Reality
              Loop Simulation             Development                                  Federate. Part 2. Using
                                                                                       Interactions To Represent
                                                                                       Signal Propagation
              Ryan, P.                             Banks, S. & Stytz, M.               Cramp, A.                            Sestito, S., Julier, S., Lanzagorta,
                                                                                                                            M. & Rosenblum, L.
1130-1140                                                                          Break
1140-1210 - A Web               Why Are They Called "War            Lessons Learned In The               The Blind Drunk Pilot: A Case
              Based Application: The               GAMES"?                             Implementation Of A HLA              Study
              Modeling And Simulation                                                  Compliant Federation
              Information Network

              Illgen, J.                           Leigh, E. & Wilmott, M.             Ellul, M., Ruzicka, D. & Tudor, G.   Galanis, G.

1210-1240     The Use Of Simulation To  Development And Operation                      RTI Recommended Practices An Experimental Platform For
              Assess Human Tolerance To Of Virtual Helicopter                                                    Data Management In
              Injury                    Simulators As A Data                                                     Distributed Simulation
                                        Acquistion Tool For
                                        Operational Analysis
              Gibson, T., Benetatos, E.,           Menadue, W. & Rees, L.              Black, J. & Harris, D.               Tan, G., Ayanni, R., Zhang, Y., &
              Anderson, R., Brown, J., et al                                                                                Moradi, F.
1240-1340                                                                            Lunch
1340-1425                                                   Key Note Address - Mr Simon Mepham, UK MOD
1425-1455                                                                        Afternoon Tea
                    Synthetic Environments               Models and Methods                       Applications                    Technology and Tools
                       Chair - Peter Ryan                Chair - Sabrina Sestito               Chair - Shelia Banks               Chair - Lucien Zalcman
1455-1525     Towards A Synthetic                  Simulation Fidelity - Getting In Modelling And Simulation Of             The Challenges Of Designing
              Environment Design                   Touch With Reality               Electronic Combat                       An Open Extensible Software
              Methodology                                                                                                   Architecture For Distributed

              Grisogono, A-M. & Teffera, E.        Northam, G.                         Philp, W.                            Barker, R., Damiano, J., Marcus, G.
                                                                                                                            & Barham, P.
1525-1555     Progress Toward A Synthetic A Robust Model Development EXC3ITE Simulation Service: The Development Of A
              Environment For Land C4ISR Strategy                    Bringing Simulation Into The Common Reconfigurable
                                                                     Operational Domain           Simulation Architecture

              Seymour, R. & Grisogono, A-M.        Thorpe, G. & Brownlee, A.           Vaughan, J. & Davies, M.             Tudor, G.

1555-1605                                                                          Break
1605-1635     Implementation Of The Land Assessment Of Ship Air
              C4ISR Synthetic Environment Defence Performance By
                                          Modelling And Simulation                         Special Interest Group              Special Interest Group

              Ashton, K., Bowden, F., Grisogono,   Chapman, S. & Benke, K.
              A-M., Johnson, W., Krause, D.,                                                           HLA                        Situational Awareness
              Krieg, J., Lorke, J., Lui, F.,
1635-1705     A Near Real-Time Tactical            Using Determinism To
              Menadue, I., Pearce, G.,
              Land C4I AssessmentSeymour,
              Robertson, S. Sands, D.,             Improve The Accuracy Of
              CapabilityM. & Vaughan, J.
              R., Scholz,                          Dead-Reckoning Algorithms                       Dr John Best                    Dr Mick Millington
              Bowden, F., Gaertner, P. &          Krumm-Heller, A. & Taylor, S.                                                 using Grouputer to facilitate the
              Williams, P.                                                                                                                 meeting
1900 - 2130                                                           Social Activity - Harbour Cruise
                                                                    Wednesday - 1st March, 2000
                          Stream 1                            Stream 2                         Stream 3                                    Stream 4
  Timings               Tumbalong 1                         Tumbalong 2                      Promenade 4                                 Promenade 6
0900 - 0915                                                         Administrative Announcements
0915 - 1000                                               Key Note Address - Air Commodore John Blackburn
 1000-1030                                                                     Morning Tea
                   Distributed Simulation               Technology and Tools                 Applications                            Models and Methods
                      Chair - John Best                  Chair - Mark Phillips             Chair - Martin Stytz                       Chair - Cliff White
1030-1100     Performance Issues Of HLA Initial Development For The                     Modeling And Simulation In            Maximal Time Congestion
              Run Time Infrastructure Based Virtual Air Environment                     The Acquisition process               And Application To HF
              On CORBA                                                                  Using Simulation Based                Network
                                                                                        Acquisition Principles

              Au, T.                              Pongracic, H., Iob, M., Zalcman, L., Illgen, J.                             Pearce, C., Scholz, M. & Sunde, J.
                                                  Miller, R., Fulton, J. et al
1100-1130     Environment Concept Model: A Virtual Artisan's Workbench Interfacing Constructive And vGrid: An Infrastructure For
              A Step Toward Validation                                 Virtual Simulations To        Collaborative Virtual
                                                                       Battlespace Visualisation And Environments
                                                                       Decision Support Aids

              Numrich, S., Dobey, V.,             Gunn, C.                             Kirby, B., Krieg, J., Fry, S.,         Taylor, S. & Corrie, B.
              Chadbourne, C. & Clark, D.                                               Seymour, B., Unewisse, M., et al
1130-1140                                                                           Break
1140-1210     Using Agents To Perform             Low Cost Test Bed For                 Aerial Combat Manoeuvre               Correlated Physics-Based
              Data Filtering In High Level        Advanced Distributed                  Identification - A Feasibility        Multisensor Simulation
              Architecture                        Simulation                            Applications Study Of An
                                                                                        Intelligent Decision Support
              Xu, L., Tan, G. & Moradi, F.        Zalcman, L. & Ryan, P.                Brian, G.                             Schultz, A. & Grange, R.

1210-1240     Supporting The Development A Distributed Architecture Of                  Use Of Advanced Simulation Integrating Dynamic Spatial
              Of A Manoeuvre (Air)       PCs For Rapid Prototyping                      To Treat A Driving-Related Models With Discrete Event
              Capability                                                                Phobia                     Simulation

              Unewisse, M. & Rees, L.             Allerton, D.                      Tomasevic, N., Regan, M., Duncan, Pullar, D.
                                                                                    C. & Desland, M.
1240-1340                                                                        Lunch
1340-1425                                 Key Note Address - Dr Robert Johnston, Vice President for Research, Cine-Med
1425-1455                                                                    Afternoon Tea
                   Synthetic Environments               CGF / Agents                             Training
                    Chair - Michael Baker            Chair - Mick Millington           Chair - Anne-Marie Grisogono
1455-1525     Synthetic Environments For          Integrating Intelligent Agents        Training For War In The
              C3I Experimentation                 With A Human-In-The-Loop              Virtual Environment - The
                                                  Simulation                            Eurofighter Typhoon                      Special Interest Group
                                                                                        Deployment Solution

              Matthews, K., Davies, M., Dunn, J., Pongracic, H., Clark, P. &            Evans, P., Eckersley, A. & Hill, D.
                                                                                                                                       Army Simulation
              & Gabrisch, C.                      Chandran, A.
1525-1555     Interfacing With ModSAF For Combining Intelligent Agents                  Eurofighter Typhoon -
              Data Collection And Analysis And Artifical Intelligence For               Developing A Combined
                                           The Land Force                               Aircrew And Groundcrew                               TBA
                                                                                        Training Facility

                                                  Vaughan, J. & Connell, R.
              Ashton, K., Principe, F. & Roberston, S.                                  Eckersley, A., Evans, P. & Hill, D.

1555-1605                                                                           Break
1605-1635     Assessment Of Target                The Simulation Agent
              Detection In A Synthetic            Infrastructure (SAI) -
              Environment                         Incorporating Intelligent                 Special Interest Group               Special Interest Group
                                                  Agents Into The CAEN Close
                                                  Action Simulator
              Lui, F. & Grisogono, A-M.           Rönnquist, R., Lucas, A. & Howden,
                                                                                     Vehicle and Platform Simulation               Army Simulation (cont.)
1635-1705     Applying Photogrammetry To A Component Based, Object-
              Develop Terrain Databases Oriented Architecture And
                                         Design For Distributed                                Rob Zeltzer                            TBA
                                         Simulation Applications

              Marlow, D., Ryan, P. & Sestito, S.   Stytz, M. & Banks, S.

1900 - 2200                                                         Conference Dinner (1900 for 1930)

                                                                    Thursday - 2nd March, 2000
                           Stream 1                          Stream 2                           Stream 3                            Stream 4
  Timings                Tumbalong 1                       Tumbalong 2                        Promenade 4                         Promenade 6
0900 - 0915                                                         Administrative Announcements
0915 - 1000                                  Key Note Address - Dr Jerry Duncan, Senior Staff Engineer, Deere & Company
 1000-1030                                                                   Morning Tea
                        Methodology                                                             Training                          CGF / Agents
                      Chair - Ion Menadue                                                 Chair - Paul Beckett                  Chair - Peter Clark
1030-1100     Optimizing Equipment                                                  A Training And Cost-Benefit         Improving Behavioural Fidelity
              Utilization In Semiconductor                                          Analysis For The F-111C             By Applying User Modeling
              Manufacturing                                                         Mission Simulator                   Techniques To Computer
                                                                                                                        Generated Actor Planning
                                                                                                                        And Decision Making
              Bong, C. & Potoradi, J.                                               Wallace, P.                         Banks, S. & Stytz, M.

1100-1130     Simulation Performance                                                AP-3C Orion Advanced Flight         RescueModel: A Simulation
              Optimization Using                                                    Simulator - The Challenge Of        Framework For The
              Multivariate Minimization                                             Performing A Flight Test Data       Exploration Of Agent-
              Techniques                                                            Acquisition And Modelling           Environment And Agent-
                                                                                    Program For The First Time          Agent Interactions In Team
              Eamon, J. & Ellis, D.                                                 Jones, D. & Keirnan, J.             Situations
                                                                                                                        Au, G. & Goss, S.

1130-1140                                                                        Break
1140-1210     Measures Of Performance                                               Virtual Reality Training - A Team Oriented Programming
              For Comparisons Of                                                    Consideration For Australian With Simple Team
              Simulations Used In Logistic                                          Helicopter Training Needs?
              Force Structure Planning

              Ford, M.                                                              Sterling, G., Magee, L. & Wallace, Hodgson, A., Rönnquist, R.,
                                                                                    P.                                 Busetta, P. & Howden, N.
1210-1240     Building A Distributed                                                Developments In Rail                Enabling Reasoning System
              Imagery And Geographic                                                Simulators And Computer-            Migration For Computer
              Information Repository With                                           Based Training To Increase          Generated Actors Using XML
              COTS Components                                                       Training Efficiency And
              Vincent, A.                                                           Ward, D., Tyler, P., Wilson, P. &   Stytz, M. & Banks, S.
                                                                                    Eichinger, M.
 1240-1255                                                                  Closing Address
 1255-1340                                                                       Lunch
1330 - 1700

                                                                             Facility Tours

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