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					                                                        C.H.E.S. NEWS
                                                 “Learning to Learn Together” – January 2014

                                                     Character Trait Focus: Respect
Dear Parents & Guardians:                                                             Ms. K. Long, Principal
Happy New Year and welcome to January 2014!                                           Mr. P. Huddleston, Vice-Principal
We hope that everyone was able to spend some time                                     Attendance Line: 519-925-2142
 with friends and family over the holiday and that students feel
rested and rejuvenated to begin an exciting new year. Thank you for                          Dates to Remember
donating food items and gifts under our tree, which went directly to              Jan 7 Nurses visit Gr. 7 & 8s
support the Shelburne Food Bank and needy families in our                         Jan 9 Pita Day
community. Without the generosity of our school community and the                 Jan 13 CDDHS guidance rep visit gr.8s
work of the Rotary Club, this event would not happen. We had a                    Jan 13-28 Bag2School Fundraiser
wonderful Christmas carol assembly on December 19th highlighting                  Jan 16 Smoothie Day
piano playing by Mrs. McAlpine (past principal), emcee Mrs. Marcoux,
                                                                                  Jan 17 PD Day
and numerous classroom videos, songs and poems. Special thanks go
                                                                                          (No school for students)
out to Hunter M. and Ms. McNalty for tech support and to Matt H.,
Brett A. and Leanne T. for the exciting visit of Santa and his elves.             Jan 23 Pizza Day
Thank you to the students who shared their understanding of                       Jan 27 Family Literacy Day
“Fairness”, our Character Education focus.                                        Jan 30 Junior Winter Excursion
We would like to wish Mrs. Roberts well in her retirement, as she                 Jan 30 Grade 8 Parent Night, Cafe
   Learning to Learn Together - December 2012
opens new doors to wonderful adventures. She will missed by all!!!                           CDDHS @ 7pm
New to CHES is Ms. Stefanie Koch, who has been teaching for the
past 2.5 years at Arthur PS. Our gr. 6 students have met Ms. Koch in
                                                                                  Emergency Contact
December and are looking forward to a terrific 2014 year with their
new teacher.
                                                                                   Numbers &
Don’t forget that our QSP fundraiser can be accessed year round                    Billeting Plans
online at and by using our school code of 7875.                        Winter has arrived, and along with it
During the winter months, we will have students participating in                  comes unpredictable weather that can
outdoor nutrition break activities: Mini-stick hockey Gr. 1-4, Gr. 5              cause changes to transportation plans
tarmac hockey, and Gr. 6,7,8 road hockey. As a parent, if you have                for parents and bus travel. Please
special talents or ideas of clubs you would like to run over the recess
                                                                                  ensure the school has updated phone
time, please contact us at the school. We like to see our CHES’
                                                                                  numbers, emergency contact numbers,
students engaged in productive activities over the break times.
Please help us reinforce our “Hands to Ourselves” and “No Throwing                and billeting information. The school
Snow” policies at school, by talking with your children on a daily basis.         relies on accurate and updated
Our youngest students are struggling to understand that it is not                 information to ensure your child is safe
appropriate to push, hit or kick other students during free time. We              and accounted for.
do need parent support to help us teach and model appropriate play
behaviours. Our goal is to ensure safety of all children at school.               Town and School Board Decision
We continue to work on our school-wide goal of teaching Math
                                                                                  re:Baseball Diamonds at CHES
through a ’3 Part Problem Solving’ strategy. Ask your child to explain
                                                                                  Earlier this school year, there were
how their Math classes look, now that they are building independence
in problem solving. The more Math discussions students engage in, the
                                                                                  discussions between the Board and the
better their understanding of the concept. Be a part of this growth!              Town of Shelburne about the creation of
First term report cards will be sent home February 7th, 2014.                     two large, fenced baseball diamonds at
                                                                                  the Southwest section of the school yard.
~Ms. K. Long / Mr. P. Huddleston
January Newsletter Draw                                                           At this point, the Board has given the
Once you have read the January Newsletter, fill out this form and return the      message to the Town that they are not
draw ticket to the school. You could be our lucky January draw winner.
                                                                                  interested in having the baseball diamonds
December’s Newsletter draw winner was: Jenna in Room 202
Parent’s Name: ________________________________________                           in this location. Our soccer pitches will
                                                                                  remain where they are now located.
Student’s Name: _______________________________________

Teacher:____________________________________ __________
 Grade Nine Orientation meeting for Gr 8 Parents & Students-Thurs. Jan.30th @7pm
Centre Dufferin High School is holding a Grade 9 Orientation Night in the CDDHS cafeteria, for Gr 8 parents
and students. This important meeting takes place on Thursday, January 30th at 7:00 p.m. and will provide
valuable information related to individual course selections, which are due shortly after.
Prior to this date, students will have learned about course options from a CDDHS representative who will be
visiting CHES on Jan. 13th. Course requirements, options, overall expectations, and the importance of choosing
courses carefully, will be shared. While many students may already have a sense of their course selections for
next year, we strongly recommend that parents and students attend the evening presentation together to
ensure they are making informed decisions. There will also be an opportunity to clarify information or ask

Bag2School is Back!                                               Indoor Footwear for
 School Council will be running another Bag2School                ALL Students
fundraiser. If you cleaned out closets and drawers                Please ensure that your child has a second pair of
over the holidays, or you are wanting to, now is the              shoes to wear inside, and boots or another pair of
time! More information and your starter kit will be               outdoor footwear for outside. The floors can be very
coming home soon, and collection will begin Monday                wet during the winter season, and in the event of an
the 13th of January and end Friday, January 31st!                 emergency evacuation or fire alarm, students must
Let’s see if we can beat September’s record of                    have footwear on to leave the building. It is unsafe
used textiles collected to help families in                       for children to be without shoes.
developing countries!

LOST AND FOUND                             Periodic Lice Checks                        With Appreciation
During the winter months our               Winter seems to be a bad time               Thank you to all parents for taking
“Lost and Found” containers                for lice. Please check your                 the time to call the school when
seem to fill rapidly. Be sure to           children under bright lights,               your child is ill. This allows our
mark your children’s clothing              parting and lifting strands of              office staff to focus on the needs
with their initials, as so many            hair. Let us know if your child has         of the students within the school
mittens, snowpants and boots               lice. Please treat your child with          rather than trying to track down
look alike. When you are in the            specialized shampoo (not just               where a particular child is on that
school, please take a moment to            TeaTree Oil) and remove all nits            day. Please leave a clear message on
look in the bins located in the            before sending them back to                 the answering machine or if you call
front hall and midway                      school. This will help stop the             after 8:30 am you may speak to one
in the primary hall.                       spreading of lice.                          of the office staff. Thanks for
                                              Thanks for your help!                    your help!

Me to We: We Create Change
Our Me to We group grew from 18 to 53 in December and Ms. Langhorst is delighted to have so many positive, kind and
community minded leaders in the CHES ME to We group. A big thank you also goes out to the entire CHES community for
supporting our food drive, Secret Santa candy cane sale and dog biscuit sale. Together we contributed 613 food items, 55
clothing items, 35 toys, and $309.00 to the food bank and Christmas hamper program, as well as $54.00 to the Orangeville SPCA.
The CHES community is certainly a generous and compassionate group.

As some of you may remember, we collected pennies last year for community water projects. Across Canada this Free the
Children/Me to We initiative collected 140 million pennies. Every 20 000 pennies provided clean water for life to a person in a
developing country through the building of wells. This year’s initiative “We Create Change” focuses on education. For the month
of January, children are asked to bring some loose change to participate in our build a school program. Free the Children hopes
to build 200 schools next year, 100 of them in Africa in honour of Nelson Mandela. Every $20 collected contributes 1 brick, and
500 bricks builds a school. In January, classes will have small cardboard school piggy banks, into which children can put in some
spare change. At the end of the month, we will count our contribution and send it in. Thank you for your support of this
worthwhile program. By contributing just a few coins, students can be part of a big change.
 Pr/Jr Skipping Club: early January, 2014 Coach: Mrs. Gaskin Who: Gr. 1-4 students

 Listen to the morning announcements for the day you will practice. Please provide your own skipping rope and
 wear running shoes. Intermediate students will provide coaching for the younger students.

               Come on out and have some fun!!!

                                  MATHEMATICS as a way of thinking
       In the last few years, there has been some confusion around the “new” way of doing math. It is important
to note that today’s math includes all the same mathematical concepts and facts as the “traditional” math, the
only real difference is in the way students learn this information. Today’s math focuses on understanding math
ideas by encouraging discovery and exploration through problem solving.

  In our math curriculum, there are 7 mathematical processes: problem solving, selecting tools and
computational strategies, reasoning and proving, representing, communicating, reflecting and connecting
The goal of these processes is to help students become more confident problem solvers.

 Below you will find the processes broken down into questions. These questions are meant to be used as coaching
tools to help students with their mathematical thinking. Try them at home. You may be surprised by the answers!

Solving the Problem

      What is the question and what do you need to do?

Selecting tools and strategies

      Will you need to add, subtract, divide or multiply?
      What tools or technology would help you?

Representing (Showing the work)
    How are you going to show your ideas? (graphs, numbers, words and symbols)

Reasoning (Making sense)

      Does your answer make sense? If not, do you need to fix or change something?

Communicating (Sharing it with others)

      How can you explain your answer in writing?

Reflecting (Making it personal)

      What worked and what did not? Why?

Connections (Seeing relationships)

      Does this problem remind you of anything?

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