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									Augustan                           11.13.13                  Social Studies by Thalia Garza and Mrs. Hale

                                                             In Social Studies we learned about Canada and the USA. There are a lot of differences and similarities. Some
                                                             of those similarities are, both have English as a major language and both have a type of limited government.
Remind 101                                                   A limited government is when the country has a written constitution, guaranteed rights for the individuals,
Make sure to sign up to receive messages from Team 6A’s      public participation in government through voting and action committees, and elected officials. In the
                                                             United States we have an elected President, and in Canada, they have an elected Prime Minister. Both of our
core teachers via text messages or e-mail. This is a free tool
and another great way for you to keep updated on your        countries were once colonies of Britain. The USA celebrates our independence on 4 th of July and Canada
child’s homework, projects, and upcoming events. Look        celebrates theirs on 1st of July. Canada has a very large French population and most of those people live in the
for the bright blue paper attached to your child’s report    Province of Quebec. In the United States, we don’t have separate states set aside for different culture groups.
card for complete instructions or simply text this number
469-331-5239 and enter the message “@603a3” and hit                                                 Interview with Mrs. Meares by Avery and Claire L.
send.                                                                                               Q: What is your inspiration to be a math teacher? I had awesome
                                                           Language   Arts by Bailey Wilson         math teachers when I was a kid, and I wanted to do what they did, to
                                                      Can you believe it’s the end of the           help kids learn.
Math by Devanee Sena and Emma Ambs                    second 6 weeks? We got a Lesson 3             Q: When you got in Mrs. Moore’s room what was your reaction and
Recently in math class we have been studying          vocabulary list so get ready for the test     why? I thought, ”There is a lot of pink in here, and Mrs. Moore and
ratios, adding and subtracting fractions with         and study. We are still doing the             all of you were all very nice and helpful.
like and unlike denominators, and percentages.        Articles of the Week. Turn them in on
                                                                                                    Q: When you become a math teacher for real, what grade do you
Yes, we have been doing a lot lately. But we                                                        want to teach and why? Well, first I wanted to teach high school,
                                                      Thursdays. We have done Venn                  until I came to Greenways and saw how nice everybody was, and now
manage to give 100%. See what I did there?            Diagrams for “The Legend Sleepy
Anyways, we have been working extra hard for                                                        I want to teach 6th grade.
                                                      Hollow“comparing the story vs. the            Q: What do you think so far of the 6th grade students here at
our 6A team to pass and prove to our teachers         movie. We also did a plot map for “Tell       Greenways? To tell the truth, I think that the 6th grade students this
we know best. But our knowledge comes all             -Tale Heart”. Then we had to draw a           year are the best in the entire school.
from our amazing math teachers! With all the          big picture from the story and then           Q: Do you feel at home at Greenways , why or why not? I think that
work we have been doing, we will make sure we         draw ones for details without words on        this is my dream school and if I get an offer to teach here, I would
reach our goal in this long unit. So let’s make       the inside. I have to say we have been        most totally take it. This is the BEST school I have ever been to!
sure we study hard, and show what we can do!          busy in ELA!                                    Mrs.Meares ,our student teacher for math , we thank you for all
                                                                                                                 your hard work and love to the students!

Holidays- by Claire Headings
So we all know that the holidays are coming up, right? Well, if        Science by Mrs. Hale
you don’t, you better be ready because they are sneaking up on         We just finished learning about elements in science. Did you know that elements make up all the
us. Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. Some of the traditions my           matter on earth, they are pure substances that cannot be broken down into something smaller and
family does is we all go over to my grandmother’s house, eat our       they are all represented by a symbol. It is very important to write symbol correctly. If it has two
Thanksgiving lunch, stay over at her house, and talk to my             letters, the first one must be capitalized and the second one must be lower case. All the elements
relatives. I hope that everyone has happy holidays! Don’t forget       are organized in a chart called the Periodic Table. It is arranged by periods and groups, according to
to stuff your bellies for me!                                          the properties of each element. Our next unit is compounds. We will be doing a “Building
                                                                       Compounds” Lab, and observing chemical reactions. Our challenge for this six weeks is building
                                                                       compound models. We will pick our team’s finalists to compete against all the other teams.
Book Club By: Ben Stormer and Jarret Schaef
Book Club is an extra activity for Mrs. Christian that you could have selected to do. Recently, it ended. The book we read was The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963. We
read it in three parts. After we finished the book, we had a project that we had to complete for the book. It was a pyramid made out of paper, with a summary of the parts
we read in each side of the pyramid. On the fourth side you did a connection from The Watsons go to Birmingham and the class novel we were reading, The Cay. We had
a final Book Club discussion showing off our projects and talking about them. All of the students in Book Club did great in the end, and hopefully pleased Mrs. Christian.
Band by Jarrett Schaef and Ben Stormer
This week, the band is starting a fall fundraiser to help us get new things for band or new stands, and we need your help doing this. This would help us get new school
instruments if you could help, that would be great!!!!! Thanks for helping us out or being a good band student this year. There are some students switching instruments
like from trombone to tuba, and trumpet to French horn. They will be excited that they will be playing their new instruments in the Christmas concert in December
2013 and the end of the year party. We will also go and compete with different schools in different school districts. We would like you to start or keep practicing for
these specific things or go to morning early practice at 7:30am in the band hall. If you want to know more about these things go to the Greenways website
http://www.canyonisd.net/Domain/502 or go to http://www.canyonisd.net/Domain/422 for the Westover band.

P.E. Raider Ball Champions by Dannika Graef and Alesha LaCrosse-Womack                                  Interview with Mrs. Yell- By Hien Doan &
Wow, what a great way to start off the year, with a excellent game of p.e. raider ball! Now lets take   Preston Mullins
a look at the 6A champions. Wow lots of athletic girls on this team. Here they are our own Yesenia
                                                                                                        Mrs. Yell started off with many jobs such as: a coach, lifetime
Torres, Emma Ambs, Adriana Lackey, Molli Lee, Bailey Wilson, Madisen Lee, Brooke Ward, Hope
                                                                                                        sports, home economics teacher, health teacher, and a P.E.
Bybee, Jaycie Day and last but not least Justine McAllister. So many awesome girls. Well that’s the
                                                                                                        teacher. She went to Oklahoma Panhandle State University and
girls, now lets take a look at those crazy dudes. Here they are our own Justin Thompson, Jarrett
                                                                                                        W.T.AM.U. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a nurse. Then
Schaef, Elijah Velasquez, Gabe Morgan, Darrian Lambert, Tristan Mouw, Raymond Hernandez,
                                                                                                        when she was in middle school, she wanted to be an
Brayden Pruett, Braeden Logue, Preston Mullins, Joshua Montoya, Jordan Schroeder and last
                                                                                                        archaeologist. Finally in high school, she wanted to be a physical
Thong Huyh. Well those are all our amazing raider ball champions from September!
                                                                                                        therapist. We are so glad she decided to go into education!
                                                                                                        In her spare time, she likes to clean, do yard work, and watch
Special Events by Hien Doan & Preston Mullins                                                           movies. Mrs. Yell likes mexican food and seafood.
Red Ribbon Aftermath-
Homerooms with the most participation-
Mrs. Moore (And Mrs. Meares),                                                                           Students (and teachers J) had a great time during
Mr. Johnston and Mrs. Russ                                                                              Red Ribbon Week dressing up as a what they want to
The events that took place-                                                                             be when they grow up or advertising the college they
Monday-Greenways Shirt Day,                                                                             want to attend. We had a lawyer, gymnast, football
Tuesday- Sports Jersey Day,
                                                                                                        players, baseball players, an AG teacher,
Wednesday-Red Shirt day,
Thursday- Future or College Day                                                                         policewoman, and doctor. And last, but certainly
Friday- Sunglass, Hat, And Raider Day                                                                   not least, some Starbucks baristas! All so much fun in
                                                                                                        honor of a great cause!

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