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Personal statement.docx - MVLA High School District by qingyunliuliu


									Personal statement

   1. What kind of person are you? Qualities, talents, abilities, etc.
   2. What kind of family and friends do you have and how have they affected your life?
   3. How has your gender, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, and/or socioeconomic status
      affected your attitude(s) and life?
   4. What are two of your greatest achievements?
   5. What have been or are your greatest problems/struggles? Describe any unusual
      circumstances or challenges that you have faced and the way(s) in which you have
   6. What do you plan for yourself after high school, after college, or whatever?
   7. What are your interests? List as many areas that come to mind, i.e. academic, sports,
      hobbies, leisure activities, etc.
   8. What subjects, issues, questions in psychology would you like us to discuss in depth?
   9. What question(s) do you have for me as your teacher?

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