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					Personal Reflection- How well am I implementing the curriculum?

Comment on each of the following points at the middle of each term
How well do my unit plans reflect the strands, objectives, and the key areas of
learning outlined in the curriculum statement?

How well can I explain what critical thinking entails and can discuss some
practical strategies I use to encourage critical thinking in my classrooms?

How well does my classroom demonstrate a positive, supportive, and inclusive

How well have I extended the range of learning materials that I currently use to
support my Health and Physical Education programmes?

How well do my classroom activities include practices that foster the achievement
of all students, particularly Mäori and Pacific nations’ students?

How well have I developed strategies to incorporate the teaching and learning of
interpersonal skills in movement contexts?

How well do our staff plan collaboratively to create explicit links for students
between the health, outdoor education, home economics, and physical education
(mainly for secondary schools)?
How well am I able to recognise when an achievement objective has been
achieved and what progress towards it looks like?

How well am I undertaking formative assessment and providing students with
specific feedback in all key areas of learning in health and physical education?

What are the school-wide policies and practices that support what I teach in
classroom (for example school cafeteria, bullying, smokefree, sunsmart)?

How well do I understand the concepts of hauora, health promotion, the socio-
ecological perspective, and attitudes and values?

How well do I demonstrate the concepts in my classroom programmes?

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