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									STUDENT PROFILE                                                                              1. 800.973.1177

                           Frank Busch: President of the Wine Mess at University of
                           Chicago Law School, Chicago, IL
                           [By Heather Jung]

“Involvement in student associations allows                                                      find interesting wineries to feature at their
me to do my part to make law school               Q. What do you do for fun?                     events. The co-chairs are also responsible
more fun for everyone,” Busch said. “Law          A. Chicago has a vibrant nightlife with        for making sure all of the tables are set up
school is hard, law students are busy, and        plenty of options available no matter which    for a proper wine tasting before their events,
                                                  nights of the week are convenient. Beyond
the University of Chicago has a misguided                                                        as well as cleaning after each event.
                                                  that, I make sure to check in on the city’s
reputation as a place where fun comes to die.
                                                  world-class comedy clubs and museums
Given that, anything that helps people unwind                                                    Every spring, members of the law school’s
                                                  periodically. Even just spending a couple
is extremely important and rewarding. Law         hours walking around the zoo with a friend     softball team attend the University of Virginia
students necessarily have a great many            can make for a great afternoon.                School of Law Spring Softball Invitational in
interests, and I think a great many of us                                                        Charlottesville, VA. This year’s tournament
would go crazy if we had no productive outlet     Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?     will take place March 30 through April ,
                                                  A. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Live in Hyde
for them.”                                                                                       and Busch is hoping his team will enjoy the
                                                  Park. It was a semi-joke gift when I decided
                                                                                                 sweet smell of victory. As a co-captain of
                                                  to go to U of C (located in Chicago’s Hyde
The Wine Mess has been a campus institution                                                      the team, he is in charge of finding hotel
                                                  Park). Despite the fact that it was recorded
for more than 30 years. It allows students        in the “wrong” Hyde Park, it has a good        rooms (which often proves difficult since
and faculty to unwind every Friday afternoon      selection of Peppers tracks.                   the tournament “draws nearly half of the
after a long week of classes, studying,                                                          school”), setting team rosters, and providing
papers, and work. Drinks (both alcoholic and      Q. What is the last magazine you read?         rental information.
non-alcoholic) and food are served based          A. Sports Illustrated, but I usually don’t
on the theme of the week; for example,            have time for magazines.                       Many students think this level of involvement
the “Oktoberfest Wine Mess” features a                                                           in extracurricular activities would be
                                                  Q. What is your favorite TV show?
wide variety of German foods, and beer is         A. Friday Night Lights is the best new         detrimental to their studies. While he initially
abundant (students are also encouraged            show on TV, but it’s way too early to place    began law school believing that he should
to break out their lederhosen, dirndls, and       it above returning shows like South Park       not participate in student associations in
other types of German garb), while the “007       and Entourage or shows at or near the          order to focus on his studies, Busch now
Wine Mess” features James Bond’s drink            end of their run like The West Wing and        believes otherwise and said that he is more
of choice. As the organization’s president,       The Sopranos.                                  organized and productive due to the fact that
Busch is responsible for purchasing food and                                                     he is constantly busy.
                                                  Q. Who is your role model?
drinks. He is also in charge of advertising for
                                                  A. I tend to be wary of picking a particular
the weekly event, getting support from other                                                     “Staying involved helps me remain focused
                                                  person as a role model, since everyone has
student organizations, budgeting the money        strengths and weaknesses. I admire many        because it forces me to use time efficiently,”
that is earned each week, and helping out on      people for their strengths—JFK’s political     Busch said. “If I didn’t have so many
Friday nights.                                    courage, Gandhi’s revolutionary revolution,    student activity obligations, I would have
                                                  Justice Cardozo’s legal creativity, Auguste    substantially more time than I need and
According to Busch, the Hemingway Society         Rodin’s ability to sculpt marble, Barry        wind up wasting most of it. Since nothing
(which is not the one established by the          Bonds’ ability to hit baseballs, Dave          motivates like deadline pressure, adding
famous writer’s widow) is “a wine-tasting         Barry’s ability to write humor columns,        more deadlines makes for more productivity.
society which brings in great wineries from       etc. However, I doubt any of these people      Although it’s worth mentioning that I’m far
                                                  is without weaknesses that I’d rather not
around the world and provides students                                                           from overwhelmingly busy, there is still
                                                  emulate. JFK’s infidelity and Barry Bonds’
with valuable exposure to a wide variety of                                                      plenty of social and relaxation time.”
                                                  steroid use are easy examples.
wines.” As one of six co-chairs, Busch helps

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                               1. 800.973.1177

Busch credits his desire to become a lawyer        of a number of substantial assignments           “He is much more disciplined than I am—in
to a summer job he held in high school. He         with individual Assistant U.S. Attorneys and     nearly all aspects of his life—and it has been
said that he spent two summers working in          provided me with valuable experience in          a great experience for me to observe and,
the conflicts and records departments of a         both legal writing and the federal litigation    quite frankly, leech off,” Busch said.
San Francisco law firm. Despite the tedious        process.”
work, Busch was able to familiarize himself                                                         Busch’s favorite law school memory so far
with the legal profession.                         This summer, Busch plans to work in the          is of a Monday night tradition he participated
                                                   San Francisco office of the international law    in last year. Every Monday, a group ranging
“The job gave me a chance to observe the           firm Bingham McCutchen. Upon graduation,         in size from four to 0 people would get
lawyers and the intelligence, excitement, and      Busch plans to start out in the private          together at a local pub known for its hot
creativity they brought to their jobs on a daily   sector but is not entirely committed to any      wings and talk over the wings and a couple of
basis,” Busch said. “At the time, I had no         particular area of law.                          pitchers of beer. During the fall, they would
idea how unique this was in a workplace, but                                                        stick around for the weekly football game.
future experiences repeatedly demonstrated         “As far as a specific practice area, it is       During the winter and spring, games like
how special law firms are. They made it            too soon to really know, as the USAO isn’t       shuffleboard, darts, and pool replaced the
clear to me that I would be happiest working       structured like a private law firm, so I don’t   football games.
around the kind of motivated people I knew I       really have any idea what the real benefits
could find within the legal profession.”           are to work in specific areas of the law,” he    “Because people tend to move to the north
                                                   said.                                            side of Chicago after L year, we haven’t
Busch interned at the United States                                                                 been able to replicate last year’s Wings
Attorney’s Office, Civil Division, in San          While many students say that they have been      Night, but it was such a good thing that we
Francisco (part of California’s Northern           most influenced by professors or attorneys       keep talking about trying,” Busch said.
District) last summer.                             who helped them during internships, Busch
                                                   said that his biggest influence has been his
“The USAO was a spectacular opportunity for        roommate. Busch acknowledged that law
the first summer,” Busch said. “It was one         school is a time for growing up and said
of the public interest jobs recommended by         that he might never have made some of the
career services, and I am grateful to them         necessary changes had it not been for his
for emphasizing it. The summer consisted           roommate.


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