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January 17 2014 - Fort Lee Family Housing


									                Contact Us!!!
           Phone (804) 733-1558
             Fax (804) 722-4358
                                           Bi-Weekly Bulletin                      J A N U A R Y 1 7 ,   2 0 1 4

Monday through Friday:
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.                                                 BINGO!                                      MAINTENANCE TIP

The Welcome Center Only                   Bingo is back and better than                                      When you were a child, did you
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to Noon.              ever! This popular resident                                        ever wonder where items flushed
  PLACING A WORKORDER                     event is coming to Fort Lee                                        down the toilet or rinsed down
                                          Family Housing in February.                                        the sink ended up? Most be-
For routine service requests,             There will be one big communi-                                     lieved the ocean or in poor dead
please call your neighborhood             ty bingo event held at The Wel-                                    Skippy the goldfish’s case, that
center:                                   come Center on Sisisky Boule-                                      big fish bowl in the sky.
                                          vard with even better prizes                                       Most of us now know the some-
Harrison Villa & Jefferson                than ever before! Food and                                         what less than attractive route
Terrace: 804-722-4327
Washington Grove &
                                          refreshments will be provided.                                     that our flushed and rinsed items
Monroe Manor: 804-732-7460                                                                                   take to their final destination.
Adam’s Chase & Madison Park:              Mark your calendar!                                                The only mystery now is knowing
804-732-7480                                                                                                 what is safe or not safe to send
Jackson Circle: 804-733-7884              The Welcome Center: February 19th, 6pm-8pm @ The Wel-              down the pipes.
                                          come Center, 1510 Sisisky Boulevard                                Toilets: Most products that are
You may also utilize our “online”                                                                            being sold that are labeled
form by visiting us at:                   If you have any questions about this or any community events,      “flushable” are not necessarily                  please contact your neighborhood Leasing Agent for more de-
And signing in with your user login.
                                                                                                             able to make it through your
                                          tails.                                                             sewer line. Examples of such
For all after hour maintenance
emergencies please call 804-733-                                                                             misleading items; disposable
1558 and press option 3                                                                                      cleaning wipes, baby wipes, san-
                                                            NEW YEARS FITNESS                                itary napkins, tampons, paper
              GO GREEN!                                                                                      towels, and Kleenex. These
                    Want to go green      A new year is quickly on it’s way and                              items truly do flush down the
                    this year? Turn to    you know what that means.                                          toilet, however, they don’t break
                    the internet... try   Resolutions! Of all the resolutions that                           down into smaller pieces in your
                    viewing your          we will all undoubtedly be making,                                 sewer line and will continue to
                    statements or         weight loss and fitness are usually at                             absorb water while trapped in
                    paying your bills     the top of everyone’s list. In keeping                             your pipes.
                    online (this could    with these favored resolutions, Fort Lee                           Kitchen Sinks: That garbage
save you money, too!). Even                                                                                  disposable may seem invincible
                                          Family Housing will be starting off 2014
choosing to shop through online
sites or opting to be contacted           resident events the right way.                                     and capable of grinding up any-
through email for updates, not only       Throughout the month of January, at a                              thing you throw at it. This, how-
helps to cut down on the use of           neighborhood center near you, there                                ever, is very deceiving. Exam-
paper but you can conveniently be         will be fitness and nutrition instruction to                       ples of items that should not be
contacted through your email. Also        get you motivated and started on your                              put down the disposal are rice,
use the opportunity to see the spe-       path to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy                             pastry, celery, banana peels,
cials or sales and spend less time        snacks will be provided                                            orange peels or anything that is
driving!                                                                                                     fibrous or a stingy consistency.
                                          Scheduled Health and Fitness Events are as follows:                After putting items in the dispos-
                                                                                                             al, be sure to run plenty of water
                                          Adams Chase/Madison Park: January 23rd, 4pm-5:30pm @               behind them to ensure that they
                                          The Adams Chase Neighborhood Center, 342 Manila Road               have been washed down the
Professionally Managed By:
                                          Jackson Circle: January 30th, 4pm-5:30pm @ The Jackson             If you follow these simple guide-
                                          Circle Neighborhood Center, 800 Jackson Circle                     lines, you’re sure to keep your
                                          If you have any questions about this or any community events,      pipelines clear of any excess
                                          please contact your neighborhood Leasing Agent.                    debris and all unwanted waste
                                                                                                             flowing in the right direction.

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